Teething Toys for Your Baby: Nissi & Jireh


A happy baby means happy parents. When your child is suffering from teething, it can be hard for the whole family. Parents need a pacifier and teethers that they can trust! Nissi & Jireh encourage parents to see the new way to hold a pacifier! They specialize in pacifier holders with plush toys and we are loving the concept.

Online Baby Teething Shop

This leading online baby teething shop has an exclusive collection of teething toys for your little one, all at the best price. No more worries on what pacifier or teether to get for your little one. Nissi & Jireh have you covered!

These fascinating teethers come in two different shapes. This is designed so your baby can choose which is most comfortable on minute and which is most satisfying the next.

Nissi & Jireh

How It Works

Choose a teether for your little one and a 4 in 1 holder for your older baby.

The plush toys are safe, soft and adorable. The teethers come in trendy colors and are baby friendly. The designs will satisfy a babies need to chew and is easy to grip, teaching your child about dexterity, color and texture.

The pacifier is 100% Food Grade Silicone. It is FDA, ASTM and BPA free. The pacifier can be used as a teether. The baby pacifier holder soothes your baby’s sore gums during teething. It has a soft and flexible resistance against your baby’s gums. The holders multiple textures will encourage your baby to show. It also is good for sensory exploration as it encourages tactile exploration.

Nissi & Jireh

Nissi & Jireh Give Back!

Nissi & Jireh are not only a great company, but they also give back! Each month, they donate $1 from every product to children’s charities. Customers can visit their website and scroll down to find out what charity they are donating to each month. A company that understands the importance of children’s charities tells us that they are trusted brand.

A Brand We Can Trust

A high quality, safe brand of teethers and pacifiers puts parents and babies at ease. Don’t worry about finding the perfect pacifier for your child anymore! Nissi & Jireh also give back to charities that need it the most. This is why this is always our trusted brand to go to when baby starts to teethe.