The Breakaways Book Review

Middle School can be a time of great change for your child. From trying to find yourself to fitting in, it can be a really scary experience for any middle schooler. Quiet and kind Faith has taken a leap of faith so to speak, to join a sport she has barely played because the popular girl at school really wants her to join. Will this be her chance to make new friends and have a great experience in Middle School?

Unfortunately, things are not what they seem and Faith quickly realizes that she is on the “C Team” for the school’s soccer team. Mixed with a bunch of others that are all diverse, unique and equally excluded from school, Faith finds herself having a middle school experience so much far greater than she could ever have asked.

Why Your Middle Schooler is going to Love the Breakaways

Your child is going through so many changes. From growing up physically to dealing with school cliques and having pressures from family, friends and school, it can be overwhelming. Author Cathy G. Johnson’s genius is evident. This book is in the base of a comic book with edgy cool characters and illustrations that is going to entice your middle schooler to read. The characters have challenges that we are seeing today and the way they navigate through each problem is not only relatable but some great advice for their own lives as well.

We see these characters go through many life experiences, from transitioning to dealing with cliques and life changes. We see the characters grow into themselves and own themselves. This is advice if learned early sets such a strong foundation for your middle schooler.

The Breakaways is not preachy as we find with other middle school books but brings subtle yet powerful messaging of acceptance and to be yourself no matter what. It is not cliché messaging but profound as this is the age children need to hear it over and over again.

Your kids will love the characters, the story line and how they hold their own against the popular crowd. You as the parent will love the subtle messaging, the narrative of empowerment and to be yourself and to love everyone as they are.

The Breakaways is a great book and we would love to see this as a series as we watch these characters grow and get into different life experiences and situations.