The Good Little Mermaid’s Guide to Bedtime – This is not your regular fairy tale! This is a good little mermaid getting ready for bed but she is anything but good. Forget putting things away, cleaning up and taking care of herself. This mermaid is a predator! Tundra Books takes us on a bedtime journey of a whimsical mermaid with a lot of bite.

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What’s It About

This little mermaid, just like the children we know and love, does NOT want to go to bed. She shows how ferocious she is! She stresses how she is a predator or a terror of the deep! Little Mermaid tries to prove that she is too full of vigor to be sleepy. She is sure of it! Or is she? This humorous book reminds children that sleep is important and parents will chuckle at the similarities of their child. They know their little one is always trying to stay up late and this little mermaid. The stories told, the delays, the proof that they are indeed not sleepy at all will make the whole family laugh.

It will be a book that will be read over and over again, especially if you have a child who is like this little mermaid and does not want to go to sleep! If you are looking for a humorous sleepy book to help your children learn but get ready for bed, you have to discover The Good Little Mermaid’s Guide to Bedtime.

You will love the creative endearing mind of Eija Sumner and wonderful illustrations by Nici Gregory.

Extra Credit

Have your child draw a picture of themselves as a mythological creature, an animal or a super hero and paint a background picture of why their creature does NOT want to go to bed. Have them write an explanation why their character absolutely will not go to sleep and why they are too good to go to sleep.

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