The Painted Pilgrim

We were so happy to come across The Painted Pilgrim, a wonderful book by Dale Ryan. In today’s society of new is better, parents have been teaching their children that when a pet does not fit into a family, you can just give it away. The Painted Pilgrim highlights on pet adoption and the bond of a pet and his or her owner.

What we love is that The Painted Pilgrim is talking about the adoption of animals and engaging the young reader into discussion. Some of the characters seem to hold grudges against our main character, Pellegrino, a dog that is pink. Young children who have felt like they do not belong or have seen people in society who have been neglected or shunned can relate to this captivating tale of love, acceptance and breaking down boundaries. It is an excellent book to get our children’s minds to think and quite frankly, to remind adults of some of the fundamental moral principles that we should be instilling into our children.

painted pilgrim

Dale Ryan’s writing challenges your child’s way of thinking to positively review the society around them. You and your child will fall in love with pink Pellegrino. Challenge your perception of pet adoption and how we treat all of the members of our community! Well done, Painted Pilgrim! Buy it here