Wow, if you’re looking for a must have parenting book for your personal library, this is the book! Authors Ronald Kotkin and Aubrey Fine have put their combined fifty five years of experience to talk to you about a dance we are participate in with our children everyday, The Parent Child Dance.

As parents, we want to create healthy loving relationships with our children and we want them to grow up and be happy, self sufficient and strong. However, this is a delicate task and we have to be aware. Wisdom and empathy fill this book as we work with the authors to strengthen our “dance steps”.


This book guides us with practical suggestions including:

-what to expect as you take the authors’ advice

-raising teenagers

-creating family cohesiveness through activities, traditions and family meetings

-helping children make friends and develop appropriate social skills

-selecting a pet that will enhance the family dynamics

-facilitating resiliency

What we loved best about this book was the tables. The tables break down the wisdom you have just received into various scenarios. It gives you safe words to use when parenting and it makes sure you have your “dancing feet on.” Essentially, it is a step by step guidance to make sure that your point comes across to your child in an innovative, understanding way.


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