Madame Alexander Dolls


There are only a few gifts in your life that will mean the world to receive.  Madame Alexander Doll Company knows that a good gift is the one that keeps giving for life. We love these dolls so much and we know your child will spend their childhood cherishing this beautiful gift and their adulthood cherishing the memories.

These soft and sweet baby gift sets spoil your child with a life like newborn 12” doll or the 16” cuddly baby, with a soft and cuddly body. We love the facial features and delicate details of both of these special dolls. Madame Alexander Dolls Soft and Sweet baby doll is the perfect companion for a child, but also excellent for a toddler. Available at Toys R Us, these gifts are a must have for every child!


Who Will Love Madame Alexander Dolls

This will be a perfect gift for any child or toddler. Tickle the toes of this adorable doll or give it as a gift to a child who will soon become a big sibling. The doll is so realistic, it is the perfect baby to learn how to be soft, delicate and careful of a new baby who is on their way.

We can see this being a great companion for any child and as adults, we can see this beautiful baby being treasured for generations to come.

See your little one nurture and love this baby in hours and hours of formative, imaginative nurturing play.

The Madame Alexander 12” Li’l Cuddles Baby Doll

li'l cuddles

Included is a beautiful bib with a floral decoration, an adorable little blanket and our favorite accessory, a plus little bunny rabbit for your baby. This is perfect for your little one’s first doll or a wonderful gift for an older sibling expecting a new baby in the family or a new cousin!

The Madame Alexander 16” Li’l Cuddles Baby Doll

madame alexander doll company


The delight of a soft, cuddle baby is a great size for babies ages 2 and up! This adorable baby includes an adoption certificate that your child can fill out or you both can do as a fun little project.

Let the imaginative play begin when your child sees their baby with an adorable soft floral outfit and a gorgeous heart shaped bib. This soft and sweet baby will be the subject of hours of imaginative play.

The Skills Your Little One Will Learn

Your toddler or child will learn how soft and special babies are and that they must be careful and nurturing around babies. They will learn responsibility of getting baby ready, feeding, cuddling and putting baby to sleep. They will feel empowered caring for another and also learning to think about others. We can’t think of a better gift of imagination and wisdom for a child.

Madame Alexander made sure that their toys were built to last and the quality of these dolls are nothing short of exceptional.

Why We Trust Madame Alexander Doll Company

Their products speak for themselves but their story is timeless. In 1923 Madame Alexander founded the doll company based on a dream to make dolls that will last. She found the unique combination of beauty, detail and quality with the mantra “Dolls were meant to be played with and loved.” At The Baby Spot, we only believe in products that are going to last for your children. Your children are so precious and they deserve toys that will stand all of their imaginative play and be able to grow with them. Madame Alexander Dolls achieves this and so much more.

Every child should have a doll of their own to love and play with. We only trust Madame Alexander Dolls with their high quality dolls and fine attention to detail. Our children are so precious so we trust a beautiful doll that was made with the same love and tenderness in mind.