Visiting Walt Disney World With A Baby and A Child For The First Time

Every family thinks about bringing their children to Disney World. From meeting your favorite Disney character to riding the best rides, your children will not only have an incredible trip, but also have memories to last a lifetime. However, when you have a child and a baby, how can you ensure an incredible day for everyone and make sure everyone has a wonderful time? We took our seven year old child and ten month old baby to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida to see if everyone can have a great time at Walt Disney World.

First Trip To Disney

It was both our seven year old’s and babies first time at Walt Disney World. Though it should be said that our youngest may not remember this remarkable time, she would have a fantastic day, enjoy the characters and the people and make take some all ages attractions. As long as this baby is smiling and our seven year old is happy, Mom and Dad would be happy.

After landing in Orlando and soaking up the perfect heat, we prepare to go to Walt Disney World the next day. We have Park Hopper Passes for ourselves and our oldest, our baby is free. We are going to stay all day. We are arriving an hour early to get a great parking spot and also take time going to our first destination, Magic Kingdom.

Guest Services: Making A First Trip To Disney Much Easier

Guest Services was so helpful. Though we had the My Experience App which is a perfect guide to Walt Disney World, Guest Services gave us a traditional map and two badges for each child, saying it was their first time at Walt Disney World. The girls were delighted! We took the free Monorail to Magic Kingdom and went quickly through security!

After entering the gates, we had brought a stroller for our little one, a lot of water to keep hydrated and sunscreen! Even though it was a cloudy day, you have to keep yourself protected. We were happy to know that water and other drinks are sold almost everywhere! If you are just looking for some regular water, you can request some anywhere where food is sold.

With everyone in great spirits, where should we go first? Dad and my oldest love fast and thrilling rides, I like slower rides and the baby will need to be entertained. I was happy to hear my daughter’s great idea, to meet Mickey first! It was the beginning of the day and I could not have thought of a better way to introduce these girls to Mickey Mouse!

We did not book Mickey Mouse as one of our Fast Pass choices but we did not wait more than five minutes to be face to face with Mickey Mouse! We were inside and enjoyed the cool air conditioning. If you child loves a Disney character, be sure to visit them in the morning so you can start off the day right.

The Kids Meet Mickey Mouse

Though I was thrilled that my oldest was meeting Mickey Mouse, would the baby be nervous meeting a character? We were thrilled that our baby laughed and touched Mickey’s nose during their interaction but what was the icing on the cake was the wonderful cast members. They entertained our baby by making sure she looked at their camera, they asked us engaging questions and Mickey was excellent. We had an individual unique experience with Mickey just like every other guest. It was amazing that everyone went above and beyond to make sure that everyone in the family was comfortable. We love that the cast members took photos for us so we could enjoy our interaction. Soon after meeting Mickey, our pictures were available to be viewed and purchased on our My Experience App. Parents will love that they too can interact with Mickey without worrying about taking that perfect picture. The cast members are your best friends at Walt Disney World.  They know how to make the most nervous child or upset baby feel at ease while meeting their favorite character. They also take pictures that are above and beyond your expectations. Not to mention, you get to be in a nice and cool room to meet Mickey! Walt Disney World knows what makes an experience an unforgettable one!

After meeting Mickey and being blown away by the beautiful photos that had appeared on our My Experience App, we set out to take some great pictures of the castle and start going on some rides! Most people book their Fast Pass rides in advance, but we did not. Don’t worry if you were last minute like us, Fast Pass ride times open up as people change what they want to do! Dad and our oldest went on the Dumbo ride and the Tea Cup ride and had a blast. The Baby and I walked around and our baby was distracted by the characters, cast members and guests. The Baby loved all of the bright colors and statues to look at. I made sure that the baby was staying hydrated. The morning sun can be hot and we want everyone to feel comfortable.

Going on The First Ride

Our oldest and Dad loved that when you are waiting your turn in line, the line has so many interactive things to look at. Before you know it, it’s your turn to get on the ride!

One of the magical things about Walt Disney World is that time can fly when you are having fun! We decide to get some lunch and we use the My Experience App to preorder our food! When we arrived it was all ready and we got to sit down and enjoy our meal. After we were refreshed, you would be surprised how much energy your children have!

The Parade


Off we went to the most amazing parade! If you want your child to see all of their favorite Disney characters, just find a comfortable spot to watch the parade. This will be one of the most incredible parades you have ever laid eyes on! From the costumes to the floats, you and your children will be amazed.

Getting To Hollywood Studios


We decided to visit Hollywood Studios next and took the bus. The bus driver was kind, helpful (we had a stroller) and was very informative. We loved the nice cool bus and that we were able to relax as we were whisked to Hollywood Studios. When we arrived, we got to see STAR WARS! Wow, Walt Disney World has really outdone themselves this time!

Star Wars interactions are above and beyond for any family. From Jedi training to the Millennium Falcon, your Star Wars fans will be enthralled. Kids and parents alike can spend days walking around Hollywood Studios, enjoying everything from rides to characters to attractions. You may even get to see Darth Vader!

Epcot Center

When it was time to go to Epcot we wanted to take a different route. There are the amazing buses that whisk you from place to place with ease but there also another way to go! The Disney Skyliner will take you from Hollywood Studios to Epcot with ease. The kids will love the ride as you go over the famous Everglades and the views are incredible. We loved the light breeze while we sat. We were able to rest and get ready to go through Epcot Center.

Once you arrive in Epcot Center, you will be able to go all around the world! We visited Japan, Canada and China and were able to sample staple foods, see amazing structures and meet cast members from all over the world. Your children will have so much fun they won’t realize that they are learning so much and you will find yourself immersed and enjoying each and every country in the comfort of Walt Disney World.

The First Trip With A Baby and A Child to Walt Disney World

Our first Walt Disney World Adventure will most certainly won’t be our last. Walt Disney World in Florida offers so much adventure, fun and amazement for the whole family, but most importantly, it creates memories that will last your whole family a lifetime. Make your first family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida!