Tilly and Tank


What do two beings do when they interpret the same situation so differently? Tilly and Tank by Tundra Books is the perfect story for your whole family where they will learn that different people interpret situations differently but love will ultimately conquer all.

Tilly is a beautiful and passionate baby elephant who loves kindness, adventure and meeting new people. Tank is a tank that does their job precisely. Tank protects, defends and watches over the parameter. When these two characters meet, it takes a gesture of love to let them realize that they are on the same page.

A Sweet Book With Brilliant Messaging

Author Jay Fleck is a genius with this beautiful tale that both children and adults can take away some beautiful messaging and meanings from. The adorable illustrations just make you fall in love with both characters but the illustrations do not take away from the underlying message that love can conquer all.

Extra Credit

Have your older children talk about a situation where they interpreted an event one way and another person saw the situation another way.

Your younger children can talk about how they will solve a problem with a friend or family member. Remembering or writing down their answers can be a sweet keepsake for them later on in life.

Tilly and Tank

Tilly and Tank has a beautiful story, great messaging and a book that can be a keepsake for your whole family. Buy it for yourself or for someone you love.