Tinono is a fashion brand we can stand behind. We are so excited about this high quality children’s fashion brand as it makes waves all over the world. Not only does the style and design tell a story of elegance, personal style and individuality, but it is comfortable and easy to wear for your child!

What does that mean for your little one? Whether they are exploring the city or relaxing in the country side, this line that pays attention to detail will allow you as the parent to dress your child with that stylish look that works great in any setting! From fancy parties to a day at the beach, this brand tells a story with your child as the center stage.

Violet Angeline shows that Tinono is ready for her adventure in the city

Tinono has a captivating beginning. The co- owners are Ronit and Dana, a dynamic Mother and Grandmother Team that believe in exceptional clothing for children. Their dream is to put passion into every piece and you can see that clearly through the final result.

When the owner’s second child was born, her older sister called her Tinono. When asked the meaning, the adorable older sister chimed in that it means something little. Touched by the innocence and love, little things can change the world and Tinono was born.

Tinono is loved by both children and parents. The loose and soft items allow your child to move and interact in any situation. Secondly, the clean lines and high attention to detail in each piece will allow you to dress your child so they look stylish, timeless and adorable. They can go from every day to special occasions with ease.

The light and airy material makes it perfect to move around but the style is perfect for any occasion!

The values are exceptional at Tinono. Simplicity, family and positive mind is the mantra and we know that each collection of those values shines through the prints and illustrations of each piece.

Tinono is loved by both children and parents for its high quality, comfortable and stylish clothing line. The intricate details and passion make this brand better than the rest!