For many parents, daycare is a necessity for their children. Work hours are long and we want someone to nurture and care for our children while we are at work. Parents want a daycare that is safe, caring and a place where their children can learn and grow and have the opportunity to meet other children. With so many parents wanting the same thing, why is it so hard to choose the right daycare for our tots and children? The answer is simple: some daycares do not live up to the standards that parents want.

We decided to give you tips on how to choose the right daycare, whether it is an at home daycare or a facility. We also wanted to be unique by asking who would know best, our readers. Our tips are from industry professionals and fellow parents. See what our readers said for parents to keep in mind on choosing the right daycare for you and your family.


The Parenting Skill In Orange County and LA had a plethora of advice!


1.Find a provider who believes in similar parenting practices (i.e , attachment, nonviolent, etc.).

2. Ask if they allow drop-ins or unannounced visits from the parents.

3.Look for a provider who will accommodate your child’s diet and is willing to talk about your child’s dietary needs.

4. Make sure that the ratio of providers to children/infants is at the legal limit in your state. (Or province or area if you are in a different country. Know the laws behind child care!

5.Ask to view/preview a typical day before choosing.

Daphne Flowers Doula in Raleigh, North Carolina has some great tips involving the importance of screening staff:


1.If it’s a commercial daycare, look for low staff turn-over and medical benefits for staff. Happy teachers=happy children!

2.Ask about procedures when a teacher is accused of an action. If the response includes any defensiveness, not a good sign.

3.Ideally management will listen to your concern, offer to investigate the accusation, and notify you of the results.


The Editor of reminds parents of legal obligations:

1. Remember to check Health Codes in your area. be sure this is a licensed provider.

2. Check recommendations online or see if you can meet with some of the parents.

3. Make sure they are strict with the safety of the children. Good daycares immediately approach an unfamiliar face!

4. Make sure they have not received any previous violations.

5. Ask what type of education or experience the teachers have. In Canada for example, an ECE diploma would be a great asset or years of experience.

6. Ask how they handle disputes amongst the tots and children. Is that in line with your parenting methods?

Have some extra tips for our readers? Leave your tips for our parents in the comment section below!