There’s nothing more gratifying than being a parent. Spending time with your kids and watching them grow up healthy are undoubtedly some of the most satisfactory experiences in one’s life. Still, proud moms and dads should have some kind of organization strategy planned out in order to complete all the chores successfully and still have time for both their kids and themselves. You might feel overwhelmed with big changes, but if you simply stick to the schedule and prioritize, you’ll find yourselves to be a lot more efficient and accomplished. So, don’t panic, make a plan and believe in your kids.

To-do lists to the rescue

The benefits of to-do lists are everywhere but people still neglect their proven efficiency and stick to their own “on the go” tending to various tasks and responsibilities. Of course, being able to adjust to unforeseen changes is very important, but if you can prevent this from happening, you definitely should. Therefore, a good help for families to deal with proper time management is creating a to-do list every Sunday or Saturday, for the whole following week. That way, you’ll have a clear overview of all your important tasks and chores and you’ll be able to organize your days specifically to fit the schedule in advance, which is a lot more efficient than simply going with the flow every day and possibly wasting time.

Meal planning is a must

Deciding who’s in charge of the cooking should completely depend on mom and dad’s personal work schedules. You two can work this out. But regardless of who’s going to do the cooking, you should have a general idea what meals you’re going to prepare for the week. So, day before you go shopping, make a meal plan. Decide on what meals you’re going to prepare for the next week and buy those ingredients and foods specifically. That way you won’t have to waste time on thinking what to prepare. What’s more, you can prepare a larger amount of certain dish, freeze it and have it ready for serving for the next couple of days as well.

Allow your kids to help

Kids love to feel responsible for some “grown-up” tasks and allowing them to help with easy chores is also very beneficial for them. Not to mention that they will also help you save some time. For example, walking the dog, feeding the pets, tidying up the room, going shopping and similar, are all tasks that you could entrust to your kids. Show them that you believe in their capability to tend to these chores and they’ll become a lot more confident as well. Moreover, if your kids are in school, you don’t have to drive them every single day. Teach them to use public transport or have them ride their bikes to school. While you’ll be managing your time efficiently, the kids will learn to be more independent.
kid in the kitchen

Speed up your efficiency

All parents, and especially moms, are expected to be at many places at once and manage work, home chores and family successfully. In that respect, necessary exercise can lose its priority, but regular physical activity is the key factor for staying healthy and on top of your “parenting game”.  Instead of simply taking the car or going on foot, you can combine the best of both worlds and use a self balancing scooter when you go to work, school meetings, shopping, etc. You’ll still be very fast in completing all of your obligations but you’ll also get a nice workout. What’s more, hoverboards are very light to carry around if need be and they are very popular among all age groups and especially celebrities.

When things seem rough remember to just breathe. No one is born an expert in raising a family and balancing various aspects of their lives perfectly. Talk to your partner and children openly so that you can help each other out. And don’t forget the power of preplanning!