Tokyo The Pop Up Book- A Comic Adventure With Neko The Cat

Have you ever been to Tokyo? Many of us have not. However, now you have the opportunity to tour some of the most famous landmarks in the city and go on an epic adventure with Tokyo The Pop Up Book- A Comic Adventure With Neko The Cat.

This is a popup book above and beyond pop up books. Will your kids love it? Of course. Written in a comic book style, Neko and his human are visiting Tokyo. However, Niko has different plans. Instead of going to Aunt Hana’s house Neko escapes and takes his human Chico on an epic adventure around one of the greatest cities in the world.

We were delighted to show our children the mischievous Neko. Can you find Neko on each page? This game was so much fun for the smaller children reading along. The older children and, ahem, the adults loved the comic book structure of the book. The illustrations are incredible and pop out at you. Look for some semi hidden pop ups that you can find!

From sumo wrestling to looking for Neko on the famous Tokyo tower, your readers are taken on an epic adventure throughout this realistic popup book.

Does Chico find Neko in this mega city? You will have to get the book by Tuttle Publishing to find out.

Graphic designer Sam Ita really sets the bar high for this book. He intricately marries pop up style books that everyone knows and loves with a witty and whimsical comic book.

Challenge your child’s perception on art, graphic design, storytelling and comics and get this book. We loved it and we were able to enjoy it with our whole family. We also purposely leave it out when visitors arrive as it becomes quite a conversation piece.