Andra Baby Names

Andra Baby Names- The name Andra is beloved by so many families all over the world. Deriving from Andrea, this name is a beautiful alternative with a classy flare. Let’s dive into Andra’s baby name meaning, origin, popularity, potential nicknames and middle names. Could this be your perfect baby name for your little girl?

Andra Origin, Name Meaning, Popularity

This Greek based name means virile. Andra is an alternative name to Andrea, which is the feminine version to Andrew which means “manly.” Andra is a very unique name! In 2020 alone in the United States reported only nine girls with the name “Andra.” This name can also work with a boy, but is generally a girl’s name.

Andra may not be popular, but it is beautiful. Pronounced “Ahndra” people will find it easy to say and memorable because of its uniqueness.

Middle Names for Andra

Andra is such a classy sounding name, it deserves a beautiful middle name to go with it. Choosing a middle name can be easy with these top tips.

How To Choose A Middle Name

A middle name can be hard to choose. There are many things to consider when picking a middle name for your child. Some families choose to give a middle name to their child after a grandparent or a great grandparent. This honors the family member and creates a bond or a memory between your child and the person honored. Other families choose a close family member or a friend. We recommend that you make sure that you have been close to them for a long period of time, so your child can form a bond with the person your child is named after.

Other families take the names of grandparents from either side of the family and create a new name that will become the child’s middle name. For example, if the maternal grandmother’s name is Mary and the paternal grandmother’s name is Anne, the child’s name would be Maryanne. Similarly, other families combine the middle name of both the husband or wives name, like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith named their children Willow (after Will) and Jadeon (after Jada) respectively.

Other families like to choose a middle name based on their likes and interests. For example, a family who loves hiking may give their child an outdoors name. Similarly, a family who loves animals may pick a middle name for their child like Raven, or Wolf.

Lastly, families look for names that just flow nicely with their child’s first name. Andra baby names are so cute and here are a few middle names that can be a great combination name for Andra.

Middle Names For Andra

Here are some beautiful middle names for Andra:







Alternatively, if you have not found the perfect middle name for Andra, you can always try our baby name generator.

Nicknames For Andra

Andra may be a short and sweet name but it also has adorable nicknames to go along with it! Nicknames are names that we say that are either short forms of the initial name or that are cute terms of endearment that close friends and family members will call your child. Here are a few nicknames for Andra that you will love.

Andie- Short and fun nickname for Andra.

DeeDee- A cute little nickname that can last a lifetime.

Dra- A quick and easy nickname for Andra.

And- A short nickname.

Ada- A cute and feminine nickname.

How To Choose A Nickname

Choosing a nickname for your child is a fun task. Nicknames can last a life time or just be around for a few months. Friends, family and even the child themselves find a cute nickname that they are comfortable with. A nickname is always a term of endearment. A nickname is not something that hurts or offends the person who is given the nickname.

Some families choose a nickname for their child that reflects their personality, talents or traits. They may even shorten the child’s last name as a nickname. Alternatively, people use short forms of a child’s name or playful versions of that name as a nickname for their child.

Famous People Named Andra

Some people get inspired by names by looking at celebrities or notable people with the same name.

Andra Martin

This American actress was popular in both movies and television series’.

Andra Franklin

An American football player who was with the Miami Dolphins in the 1980s.

Maybe your child will be the next famous or notable Andra.

Andra Baby Name

Andra is a beautiful, short name that can work for both a girl or a boy. Its meaning, origin and history is rich and would make a perfect name for any baby.

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