Top 5 Dad Bloggers in San Francisco


We love bloggers and we love to promote great ones who are making a difference in their communities. If you love to read blogs, you have come to the right city. San Francisco Bay Area has some of the best  bloggers. They are dedicated, insightful fun and full of interesting information.

As the only global parenting magazine, we love to show our audience from around the world great blogs in different countries and cities. If you love Dad bloggers, then you have to know these great writers from San Francisco Bay Area. Here are our top 6.

As we meet more Dad bloggers that are exceptional, we will continue to add to the list to give you the best and the brightest! The following Dad Bloggers are listed in no particular order but we promise, they are all awesome!


At Home Dad Matters

Top 5 Dad Bloggers in San Francisco

We love this blog. Back in 2015 we stumbled upon this article by At Home Dad Matters. It was called, Imagination- Don’t Leave Home Without it! We were hooked. Real posts and real product reviews, it’s hard to find these days. At Home Dad Matters is a well written, intriguing blog with pictures and videos.

Dad Mike Heenan is a Stay at Home Dad and has been featured on Today Show, Fox News, FOX and Friends to name a few. This is a blog that should be in your top blog roll. Keep checking in on him. You won’t be disappointed.

Playground Dad

This blog is hip, fun and full of interesting posts. Playground Dad is an official NFL Dad blogger. This post is full of product reviews, tips for Dads (some really great ones… check out Professor Bob, An Educator That Helped Me Shape My Future) and more. If you are a parent and feel you’re out of touch with the latest apps and techie stuff, this blog can help you keep afloat.

Playground Dad is raw, honest and a great read. We feel more informed every time we read a post! It was started in 2008 which is long for a blog and it’s no secret why people just keep coming back for more. Playground Dad’s wife was a nurse so she worked most weekends. The blog started when Playground Dad would take his two young daughters around the San Francisco Bay Area looking for fun things to do with them. Then it grew into the great blog that you see today. Don’t miss this one! We are fans for life.


Lunchbox dad

Top 5 Dad Bloggers in San Francisco

This is your new guilty pleasure blog! Everyone will love this! Lunchbox Dad is amazing! Lunch Box Dad has a simple message about his blog. He is “making parents’ lives easier and kids’ lunches exciting.” But it is even more than that.

This blog makes you want to get into your kitchen and cook or at least try. We believe it is so inspiring it can help parents get creative and eat better. These decorative lunches are to die for (check out The Nightmare before Christmas Black Bean Dip… you’re welcome!). You will be given ingredients so you can prepare. Your lunches just got a lot more exciting. Your whole family will eat better and you are creating memories with your loved ones. This is a blog that you want to follow.

Bay Area Families Outside

Top 5 Dad Bloggers in San Francisco

This blog is a husband and wife team and deserves a mention. Brian is an outdoor educator and running coach. He and his wife Victoria (who has taught children as young as 18 months all the way to adult years) want to get your family outside. Whether you live in the Bay Area and are looking for unique things to do or you are visiting the Baby Area, this blog will guide you through all your questions and take you to some gorgeous places.

They have been getting generations dirty and sweaty in nature since 2015 which is a great thing. What is even greater, is that they are keeping families healthy, active and falling in love with the Bay Area. It’s not hard, but there are so many gems that we trust this blog to show you the best for you and your family. It’s time for your family to get a new hobby and start exploring everything the Bay Area has to offer. You will make memories to last a lifetime.

Dork Daddy

Top 5 Dad Bloggers in San Francisco

This is such a fun blog! This mild mannered dentist transforms to Dorkdaddy on the weekends and to our delight we get to reap the benefits of reading his blog!

Follow him as he lets us follow him and his family on their great experiences (they met the Mythbusters Cast this year!) to the family constructing a war machine. This family truly has understood the concept of grasping life. It will inspire you to follow your family’s passions and interests. Get inspired. Have a laugh and share in his love for his family (your wife is as gorgeous as you say!) This is such a fun, innovative and all around delightful blog. If you’re not reading it, you better start!

About San Francisco Top Dad Bloggers

San Francisco is one of the best cities in the world. Yes, it has incredible sites and trails and views, but what makes it so great is the people that are in it. These Dad Bloggers are not only just fun to read but they can inspire you to go with your passions, interests or just to sit back after a hard week and have a laugh.

We hope that we have not missed any great bloggers, but it does happen. As a global magazine, we try our best to know the best of the best in every city, in every country around the world. But, there are times where we just have not been introduced to great blogs. So, if we did miss a great Dad Blogger in San Francisco, leave a comment in the comment section below and we will continue to add to this great list of Dad Bloggers. There are always new bloggers everyday ready to inspire and we want to know all of them!


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