Ukky App Review
By: Karen Del Ben
A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick


When I first started using this app, I got the feeling that I was using an app that is about to explode into the social media era.
This app allows you to create an album with your pictures that users are able to customize and share with others. Most apps allow you to post on Facebook or twitter and that’s about it, but what I love about this app is that when you create and complete your album you are given a link that you can share with others. This link can be shared on any social media site, but my favourite part is that I can email it to friends and family that do not have Facebook or twitter.


Ukky allows users to have organized photos by child so that each child can have their own album filled with their own stories and adventures. Users are able to group all photos from one event into one story that is titled and dated. Dating is automatically done from the original date of when the pictures were taken. (My favourite part is I didn’t have to go search for dates).


I can really see myself using the app for years to come. There are so many instances where someone takes pictures and wants to instantly share photos with others, without using other social media outlets.
Ukky is worth the download and one the best apps out there for photo sharing! Check it out today!

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