Vedic Botanicals

To Vedic Botanicals, beauty is beyond skin deep. It is about being healthy, treating yourself and putting wellness first. When we received three products of the many Beauty Care Kit, we wanted to make sure these products were friendly to Moms everywhere. We were so happy with the results! Let’s dive right into each product.

Le Sein Blend Breast Serum

Le Sein Blend Breast Serum is take care of your breasts. Have you ever bought a healthy and safe product to care for your breasts? This beautiful blend of essential oils helps you maintain young and healthy breasts. Let’s face it, your breasts put up with a lot. From pregnancy to stretch marks to breast feeding your child, your breasts give warmth, life and nourish your child. They deserve only the best care. The herbs help with circulation and your breast’s glandular health. We love that Vedic Botanicals adds both Borage and Pomegranate seed oil. This helps balance hormones and maintains healthy adipose tissues.

If you are menstruating, do you notice your breasts swell and are tender? If so, Borage seed oil has been used to help reduce that tenderness feeling. It has been used for centuries.

With all of these great health benefits, there are also some great benefits to spoiling yourself! The scent is not overpowering at all and it is just a hint of a lemony smell. This makes us feel calm and feeling fresh.

Our breasts put up with a lot. For breastfeeding parents, our breasts are covered in bras most of the time. They are used to nourish and comfort our babies. Breasts deserve to be pampered.

Balancing Body Mist Loire Blend

As parents, we can often feel that there is not enough time in the day. Our bodies are exhausted! If you need a pick me up and don’t want to reach for that cup of coffee, choose the Balancing Body Mist Loire Blend. this body mist is mixed with both essential oils and hydrosols to uplift you and refresh you. Whether you are looking for that morning pick me up or just need to get through that dinner rush, you can stay fresh and feel clean with one quick spray.

This light citrus smell makes us feel that we are not only comfortable but fresh! If you need a quick boost from body odor and can’t shower, one quick spritz can save you until you get to clean.

We love how this brand knows its clients so well and their needs. We are real people who are extremely busy but looking for balance!


Nibbana Blend Skin Cream

We want to care for ourselves but we care what we put on our skin. We want to stay away from toxic chemicals but we don’t have a lot of time to search for that perfect product. Not only that, but the search itself can be expensive! Search no further with Nibbana Blend Skin Cream. Two of our favorite ingredients, coconut oil and shea butter makes our skin feel spoiled! It hydrates us, protects us and nourishes our skin. It smells wonderful and also comes with a blend of essential oils. This can heal skin irritations and prevent future skin irritations.

Remember that these are 100% organic ingredients. This is a safe way to spoil your skin and treat yourself! You will smell great and feel more confident.

Vedic Botanicals Your Solution For Safe Products That Will Spoil Your Skin

As parents, our skin takes a lot. We are ready to work hard for our families but sometimes we need some safe products to give us that boost of confidence we need to take on the world. Vedic Botanicals makes us feel safe with its blends. We feel spoiled even on our busiest day. If you, like us, are looking for products that make you feel great, more confident and better about your skin, try Vedic Botanicals. Beauty is so much more than skin deep. Your health is beautiful.