Waffles and Pancake Planetary YUM

Cats in space? Get your children into reading while joining these two space loving kitties on an interplanetary adventure! This catastronaut is ready to delight your children but also get them to get excited about reading. Waffles and Pancake Planetary Yum will have your children reading this page turner, while exploring the art, imagination and literary genius of a graphic novel.

Author Drew Brockington is loved for his CatStronauts series and now he is taking us back in time to when the lovable Waffles is only a tiny kitten! Don’t let this fool you. Tiny Waffles is still the adventure seeking cat he has always been!

What’s It About

When Dad Cat takes Waffles and pancake to the science museum, they thought it would just be a regular day seeing extraordinary things. However, they never though they would lose their Dad in the museum! After seeing so many interesting things that the museum has to offer, the kittens lose Dad Cat. There fun day seeing the planetarium and dino-cats is shadowed when they lose Dad Cat in the big museum. Can they find Dad Cat before the museum closes? Wiull they ever be able to have star tots again? The ending will surprise you with a spacey shocker!

What We Love

Author Drew Brockington is already a hit with the CatStronauts series. Now your children get to peer back in time with this early graphic novel. Children will love the adventure, the dino cats and the search for Dad Cat. There is so much to see and experience in this book! Parents will enjoy that this graphic novel is hooking both well versed and hesitant readers alike with a captivating story. Parents and educators will enjoy that children find this book a page turner. It really gets their imaginations running and there is a lot to look at (not to mention some fantastic puns).

This graphic novel makes a hesitant reader forget about the boundaries of hard words and enjoy the story. It gives them the confidence to start reading more. The fun pictures keep them captivated. The advanced reader enjoys the creative story and that it is a part of a bigger series. Both readers begin their journey in everything Brockington.

We also love books that show families that are divorced prospering. This is something we would love to see continue in the media.

This book is more than a fantastic story, it promotes ongoing literacy. It becomes a trusted name for parents and educators alike.

Extra Credit

Have your children write and draw one more amazing thing that they saw at the museum. If they have read the CatStronaut series, have them put little elements of that into the museum. This will be great not only for their artistry and writing skills but their recollection skills as well.