Wavey n Snotts (the talented Samantha Davies and Andy Watts) are debuting their collage children’s book. Cloud Cuckoo Land and your family is going to love it!

This lively and playful book is perfect for your children. It encourages them to use their imagination to go on a fabulous journey. This optimistic book is exactly what children need to expand their creative minds.

Here’s How You Get There, here’s what you should do!

These UK based author/illustrators are making waves. Released only a few short weeks ago, this book is selling all over the world, from the USA to Myanmar! One of the many things that makes this book so special is that it is hand-made, litho printed and produced locally, right in the UK! It is on a limited edition run. Cloud Cuckoo Land will be the first of many tales based on animal idioms that the authors like to call, “Animories.”

You may recognize Andy from the 90’s platinum selling band, The Seahorses with ex Stone Roses guitarist John Squire! Samantha has been a respected artist and illustrator inspired by many, including Heron, Miro and Hepworth.

Cloud Cuckoo Land is now one of our favorite books! This brilliant book belongs on every child’s library as your child learns to build their confidence, creativity and imagination with these wonderful authors!