Letter Q Show and Tell Ideas- There are many great show and tell ideas, but you can really impress your child’s class by choosing ideas with one of the rarest letters in the English language! Here are 85 letter Q show and tell ideas with descriptions:

Letter Q Show and Tell Ideas (at least 85 ideas) with Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas for the letter “Q,” along with brief descriptions for each:


Share a picture or stuffed animal of this adorable Australian marsupial known for its friendly appearance.


Display a handmade quilt and explain the process of quilting and its cultural significance.

Queen Bee:

Talk about the role of the queen bee in a beehive and the importance of bees in pollination.


Discuss the concept of quasars, which are extremely bright and energetic celestial objects.


Share a copy of the Quran and explain its significance in Islam.

Quokka’s Habitat:

Show a map or images of where quokkas live in Australia.

Q-tip Art:

Create a small art project using Q-tips and showcase your artistic skills.


Describe the science behind quicksand and demonstrate its properties.


Share inspirational or meaningful quotes and discuss their impact on your life.


Cook and present a quinoa dish, explaining its nutritional benefits.


Create intricate designs using quilling paper and tools and display your artwork.

Quokka Conservation:

Talk about efforts to protect quokkas and their conservation status.


Make quesadillas and bring them in for a tasty treat.

Quokka Behavior:

Discuss the behavior and habits of quokkas in the wild.

Quill Pen:

Show a quill pen and inkwell, explaining their historical use.


Share information about quarries and the types of rocks and minerals found in them.

Quirky Inventions:

Present quirky and unusual inventions from history or today.

Quilting Patterns:

Display different quilting patterns and their meanings.

Quokka Fun Facts:

Share interesting facts about quokkas, like their smiling expressions.

Quicksilver (Mercury):

Discuss the properties and uses of the element mercury.

Quiz Game:

Organize a fun quiz game for your class on various topics.

Quake Simulation:

Demonstrate a simple earthquake simulation with sand or a shake table.

Q-tip Sculptures:

Create small sculptures using Q-tips and paint.


Share famous quotations from well-known individuals.

Quokka Documentary:

Show a short documentary about quokkas and their habitat.

Quasar Light Spectrum:

Explain how scientists use quasar spectra to study the universe’s history.

Queso Dip:

Bring in a homemade or store-bought queso dip for a tasty treat.

Quilting Bee:

Discuss the tradition of quilting bees and their social aspects.

Quokka Babies:

Share pictures and facts about baby quokkas, known as joeys.

Quicksand Myths:

Talk about common myths and misconceptions about quicksand.

Quokka Art:

Showcase artwork featuring quokkas by various artists.

Quokka’s Diet:

Explain what quokkas eat in the wild and their dietary habits.

Quadratic Equations:

Introduce basic quadratic equations and their solutions.

Quirky Holidays:

Share unique and lesser-known holidays that start with the letter “Q.”

Quokka Coloring Page:

Provide coloring pages featuring quokkas for your classmates to enjoy.

Quicksand Safety:

Discuss safety tips for dealing with quicksand in case someone encounters it.

Quinoa Farming:

Explain the process of quinoa cultivation and its importance in agriculture.

Quokka Anatomy:

Describe the physical features and adaptations of quokkas.

Quirky Facts:

Share interesting and quirky facts about various subjects.

Quasar Discovery:

Discuss the history of quasar discovery and its significance in astronomy.

Quokka Poster:

Create a poster with pictures and facts about quokkas.

Quill Pen Calligraphy:

Demonstrate calligraphy using a quill pen and ink.

Queso Fresco:

Make homemade queso fresco and bring it for a taste test.

Quokka Population:

Talk about the population trends of quokkas and their conservation needs.

Quilted Clothing:

Display clothing items made from quilted fabric and their uses.

Quotable Books:

Share books with memorable quotes and passages.

Quokka Behavior:

Discuss how quokkas behave in captivity or sanctuaries.

Quokka as a Pet:

Explain why quokkas are not suitable as pets and the laws protecting them.

Quake-resistant Buildings:

Talk about engineering innovations in building quake-resistant structures.

Quicksand Experiment:

Conduct a quicksand experiment and explain the science behind it.

Quirky Music Instruments:

Present unique and uncommon musical instruments.

Quokka Predators:

Discuss the natural predators of quokkas in the wild.

Quasar Black Holes:

Explain the connection between quasars and black holes.

Quinoa Salad:

Prepare a quinoa salad and share the recipe with your classmates.

Quokka Life Cycle:

Describe the life stages of quokkas, from birth to adulthood.

Quotations from Literature:

Share famous quotes from classic literature.

Quokka Habituation:

Explain how researchers habituate quokkas for scientific study.

Quilt History:

Discuss the history of quilting and its cultural significance.

Quilling Jewelry:

Create jewelry items using quilling techniques.

Quokka Predation Strategies:

Talk about how quokkas defend themselves from predators.

Quicksand Safety Gear:

Explain the equipment used for safely traversing quicksand.

Quilted Artwork:

Showcase artwork created by quilting techniques.

Quokka’s Relatives:

Share information about other marsupials related to quokkas.

Quasar Types:

Discuss different types of quasars and their characteristics.

Quinoa Smoothie:

Make a nutritious quinoa smoothie for your classmates to taste.

Quokka Endangerment:

Discuss the factors that have led to quokkas being endangered.

Quilt Square Exchange:

Organize a quilt square exchange activity with your classmates.

Quotations from Movies:

Share memorable movie quotes.

Quokka Adaptations:

Talk about how quokkas have adapted to their environment.

Quokka Research:

Discuss ongoing research projects related to quokkas.

Quasar Jets:

Explain the phenomenon of quasar jets in astrophysics.

Quokka in Popular Culture:

Share instances of quokkas appearing in movies, books, or advertisements.

Quokka Mythology:

Explore any cultural myths or stories related to quokkas.

Quinoa History:

Talk about the history of quinoa and its importance to ancient civilizations.

Quirkiness in Nature:

Present unusual and quirky aspects of nature.

Quokka Sounds:

Play recordings of quokka vocalizations and explain their meanings.

Quasar Research Discoveries:

Discuss significant discoveries made through quasar research.

Quokka in Art:

Showcase famous artworks featuring quokkas.

Quilted Clothing Fashion Show:

Organize a mini fashion show with quilted clothing.

Quotable Scientists:

Share quotes from renowned scientists.

Quokka Predation Avoidance:

Explain how quokkas avoid becoming prey.

Quokka Emoji:

Introduce a quokka emoji and its potential meanings.

Quasar Naming:

Discuss the naming conventions for quasars in astronomy.

Quokka Tourism:

Talk about the impact of tourism on quokka habitats.

Quokka Conservation Efforts:

Highlight organizations and initiatives dedicated to saving quokkas.

These show-and-tell ideas featuring the letter “Q” should provide plenty of options for a creative and informative presentation.