What’ll it be… Boy or a Girl?




We are inching closer to baby time, day-by-day.  It seems as we get closer I get more questions about whether it is a boy or a girl.  We don’t know.  We don’t want to know – although I think once the kid is born, we’ll probably want to know then.  Our daughters don’t seem to have a strong opinion either way.  However, our almost seven year-old has told us that she already has a sister so she wouldn’t mind a brother.  I don’t particularly care either way.  There are differences certainly between what you can do with a boy vs. a girl and Mike Reynolds has enumerated those differences here.  I do think he missed one other thing that we as father’s can’t do with daughters as compared to sons.It is quite unlikely that I will ever have a chat with my daughters while standing side-by-side at the urinal.  I think I am ok with the loss of that particular bonding moment.  I get quite a bit of bathroom time with my girls now and have lots of this bathroom time over the past seven years.  Fortunately I have not yet had to crawl under or over any bathroom stall doors yet to free them from locked stalls. I did get one of them to crawl under the door once.  (Then we sent in a staff person to resolve the locked door issue…)

I keep saying to everyone to asks if we are having a boy or a girl that it doesn’t matter either way since I will continue to be outnumbered in the house.  Currently four females in the house – one is a cat, and one male – I am not a cat.  So the score will either be 5 – 1 or 4-2.  We already know that I am going to have to build a couple of additional bathrooms for when they are older if I hope to ever shave again or have anywhere to put my toiletries.   The sex of this next kid won’t change that.

If it is a girl it will mean definitely no bathroom access for me in the teen years.  If it is a boy it means there will be no food in the fridge in the teen years.  Not sure there is a pro or con situation here…\


Here is what I know about the new kid:

  1. It will be born within the next three weeks – if it isn’t I am going to have a very cranky wife
  2. It will be shorter than me – perhaps not forever, but for a while anyway.
  3. It won’t weigh very much and it will remind me that the girls are no longer babies.
  4. I will get to re-experience the best thing about having a new baby – snoozing with the kid sleeping on my chest.  Laura might argue the best thing is the new baby smell – not the used-diaper baby smell though.  My sense of smell is not as acute and so I don’t have the affliction that leads people to inhale deeply whenever they can get their noses close enough to a baby.
  5. This kid will be different than my other two.  Boy or girl, it will have a different personality and we will need to learn and adapt our current parenting approaches to the needs of this kid.
  6. It will have two great older sisters who are pretty excited that they are going to have a younger sibling – presumably so they can provide some big sisterly advice and direction whenever they feel it necessary.
  7. The new kid will have a life full of advantages and opportunities that billions of other people in the world don’t have.  It will live in a peaceful country, have access to healthy food (even though it will probably reject my cooking like the other two), a roof over it’s head, wifi, free an education and excellent quality health care.  It will also have the opportunity to look after me in my old age as payback for  all the diaper changing I am about to do.
  8. It will learn to laugh and make others laugh.  It will do crazy and sometimes stupid things – it is my kid after all – and it will learn and grow at what will seem to me like an amazing rate.
  9. It will make me proud and it will disappoint me and I will do my best to take those times in stride.
  10. It will be awesome.

The only significant benefit (to me) of having a girl vs. a boy is that we have lots of clothes in storage that we can hand down to the next one.  Although if it is a boy I am sure its grandmothers will be equally excited to buy cute little boy outfits!

Soon we will have answers and the kid will get a name – Bert or Bertina are my leading choices at this point…

It will be great.