Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions!

When your baby becomes a toddler, his or her transition can be overwhelming. Your sweet baby becomes a rambunctious little human being, who is their own person and will do anything to prove it to you! Broken ornaments, tantrums and endless energy are just some of the many adjustments a parent must be ready for. How can parents enjoy the precious moments of having a toddler without becoming overwhelmed with “toddler troubles”? Why don’t toddlers come with instructions? Author Blythe Lipman has created just that with her new book “Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions”. It can’t be more straight forward then that!

Blythe Lipman- My Toddler Came Without Instructions and That’s Okay!

We had a great time reading this book. It covered everything from sleeping to potty training. The book speaks to you in a clearly, outlining methods you probably have tried and offers further solutions. The book is fairly new so it has up to date examples that you can relate to. We really appreciated the Preschool Checklist; a list Blythe has provided that helps parents who choose to send their children to preschool pick the right one. Sometimes as parents, we are so overwhelmed with our day to day routines; we don’t have time to think about the intricacies of picking a perfect preschool. Blythe Lipman’s list reminds us of what is important to us and shares some ideas on how to make the right decision.

We also liked the recipe section which has safe, easy recipes that your child can help create with you. Think of the pride on your child’s face when he or she has become a cook!

From the creative sticker chart to the sweet stories at the side of the book (read the dad and his son at Home Depot! Adorable!) This is a great book for any parent who is in or about to enter the toddler stage. The book is even compact and can fit in any diaper bag! If you need something to  give you some ideas on how to handle a toddler situation, this book is for you. Remember, the terrible twos do not have to be so “terrible.”

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