Wild about Dads

We are WILD about Dads! Author Diana Murray brings out our love for our fathers in this beautiful book for your children.

Dads Are There For Us

This beautiful book features Dads of many different species of Dads! We see Lions, hippos and Emperor Penguins to name a few! Children get to enjoy the gorgeous illustrations from Amber Alvarez and will cling to every word. The rhymes of Diana Murray is that glue that will stick to your child and help them express the loving feelings they have for their Dad!

Even More Facts on Animals!

At the back of this lovely book is facts about every animal you were introduced to. From the marmoset to the prairie dog, there are great little facts about each species and how the males take care of their young. It is a common misconception that only female animals care for their children and this book does a great job of debunking that.

Macmillan Publishing has really represented Dads beautifully with this gorgeous book.

Extra Credit

Have your children choose their favorite animal and tell their family how the male takes care of their children! Have your younger children draw their favorite animal.

Get this wonderful book on Father’s Day or a just because. This is a wonderful book for Dad and the kids!

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