Wipe Clean Spooky Halloween Activities Review

Just in time for Halloween, we have reviewed a spooky Halloween activity book by Priddy books that is going to have your child immersed for hours! The Wipe Clean Spooky Halloween Activities book is guaranteed to be your child’s favorite thing to do to prepare for Halloween!

Beware Do Not Enter

It may be spooky, but your young child is going to love this wipe clean activity book. Filled with fun activities for your child to do during Halloween, this will inspire your child to embrace this spooktacular holiday!

Included is a wipe clean pen to complete each activity. Even if you lose this awesome pen, a good quality wipe away pen will do! You also get a lot of fun and spooky stickers to use in the activities for that extra effect.

Once your child has completed the activities, check for the answer key in the back. Once they are done, they can easily erase each answer and enjoy the fun all over again!

What is Your Scare Factor?

Your child gets to create a profile of their favorite trick and treat and what their Halloween costume is.  This will get them into the Halloween spirit! After that they get to match spooky items, navigate a scary maze, and design their own pumpkin and so much more!

This Little Big Book

This little book is full of big ideas! It teaches your child how to draw, decorate and just immerses the imagination of your young child! It’s packed full with fun activities to keep kids entertained for hours! Wipe Clean Spooky Halloween Activities is a perfect staple for your family each and every Halloween!

Extra Credit

Be sure to make sure that each child completes the activities in the book. See what skills they have learned and ask them three ways that they can get in the Halloween spirit!

Challenge them to stay away from screens for 48 hours, instead interacting with this activity book and planning spooky safe games for Halloween!