Is Your Child Becoming More Violent With Technology?

by: Karen Dennis from The Next Best Thing To Mummy

This was a topic being discussed on a daytime television programme this week.

Personally, I think that too much tech can have a negative effect on children.


My eldest son loved his play station and would become moody when told to turn it off. A friend has told me that her son would trash his bedroom in temper if he wasn’t allowed to spend time on his tablet.


Studies in Canada say that children under the age of 2 shouldn’t have any screen time; however, my youngest granddaughter learnt all about numbers, shapes and colours from watching you tube videos on her mum’s phone.


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Learning With Technology

My eldest learnt many letters of the alphabet from watching Blockbusters and Sesame Street on the television.

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When my grandson came to stay at around 4 years old, he looked forward to his uncle coming home because he liked to play games on his phone; this didn’t appear to impact on him at all.

Parents sometimes let their children have screen time to get some peace, colouring books and pens would allow this also, without having an effect on behaviour.

Children also need parents to spend time chatting to them with eye contact to be able to learn to communicate

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One of my son’s used to become violent after watching wrestling on the television; he would ask his dad to lie on the floor and would body slam him, like he had seen on T.V. We made the decision to stop him watching wrestling, he watched cartoons instead which interrupted his sleep pattern!

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So is tech making our children violent? All things in moderation is my motto. I would be interested to here what others think.


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