Wyatt Lily and Rachel Uchitel

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It’s no secret that New York City Boutique Wyatt Lily is the place to buy stylish clothing for girls that they are comfortable playing in. We spoke with Rachel Uchitel, Mom and owner of this fabulous boutique about being a Momprenuer, how she came up with Wyatt Lily and what is trending for girls clothing in 2015.


Please tell us how you felt when your daughter, the adorable Wyatt Lily, was born…

I felt that I had my own family, my own love that I had to teach and protect. I was so excited to be a mom.

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How did you come up with the concept of Wyatt Lily boutique?
Everything changed after I became a mom, and my entire focus became figuring out ways to spend more time with my daughter. I’ve always been into fashion and have an extensive business background. I realized that owning my own business would allow me the flexibility to spend more time with Wyatt. I wanted to work for myself, and I just felt I could really do this and make it succeed. Having a children’s boutique morphed into having a store named after my daughter and then into the quest to find the lines that no one else had.

You have mastered the balance of stylish clothing that is also comfortable enough to move in. We have a global audience who loves whimsical style. Do you ship globally for all of our readers who may not be able to get to NYC?
Of course! We’ll ship anywhere. Normal FedEx fees apply.


Tell us about your gift registry.
Anyone can register for the baby shower registry online. It lets you save items you want to add online or come into our store, and we can help you pick them out. We specialize in personal shopping.

Please tell us about your high-end consignment section!
They grow up so fast! So we take any gently used clothing from a list of brands that you can find on our web site. It must be a high-end line such as Gucci or Burberry.

What are some of your favorite things in Wyatt Lily right now?
We’re going a bit tutu crazy right now! Our signature line has two colors: hot pink and sparkly ballet pink, size 6M up to 6 years old. The layers fluff up as big as your little one wants! I also like a line of harem parts that only I carry exclusively in my store. It’s a company out of Israel called Tulibert that I actually found on Etsy in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. They are my favorite pants and are pretty much unisex. We just got a new shipment today, and I’m just totally crazy about them.


Your daughter, Wyatt Lily, is so young, but she already has a keen eye for fashion! What style draws Wyatt Lily’s eye the most?

Wyatt goes for anything pink or sparkly. She is really into the “princess dress” concept now, so she loves our signature pink tutu dress with the silver star.


Have you noticed any trends for children’s style in 2015?
The shows so far this year have showed a more casual look than of past years. A cool T-shirt paired with harem pants or a tutu is super hip right now.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring Mompreneurs out there who look up to your success?
Just do it!! I took a total leap of faith, believed in my abilities, and went for it. Sometimes fear of failure stops us, but not if you want something badly enough. Do your due diligence, make the numbers work so you know it will be successful, and just get the ball rolling. Now! It’s the best risk I have ever taken.


What is in store for Wyatt Lily in 2015?

Our signature Wyatt Lily line is moving into boys clothes – and has a great spring collection that’s just weeks away. We’ll be selling more online as we continue to grow. We are also working with Scholastic to get a Wyatt Lily book published! I am so excited about this. It should be in stores by May at the latest. It’s a bedtime story, for those children to hate to go to sleep, just like my Wyatt.

The thought, care and quality put into each piece that you have in Wyatt Lily Boutique not only shows that you are an advocate for high quality product for the mothers that shop in your boutique, but it is also a testament to the love you have for your daughter. Thank you for the interview, Rachel!

You’re so welcome – I’m honored to be in Baby Spot!

*Happy to have you, Rachel!