Your Ultimate Home Birth Checklist


After giving birth in a hospital and spending the first 24 hours being woken up by other patients in the rooms beside me, yelling staff and all around chaos I started wondering  if I should choose a home birth next time. Depending on the doctor and overall health of the next pregnancy, if it is an option, I am certainly considering it. I wanted to have a home birth check list ready so when I do have my baby at home, I was prepared.

Actually, many women across the world are now opting for home births. They have a midwife and speak to their doctors. Make sure to speak to your doctor if you are considering a home birth.

A home birth can be comforting to a Mom in labor and also after the birth, provide her with more comfort, attention and rest than a hospital birth.

Home Birth Checklist: Here is what you need

Here is your ultimate home birth check list to make this time go as smoothly as possible:

-Clean large towels (in case you want to have a water birth or relax in a bath for a while

-face cloths

– large disposable pads

-protective coverings for your bed

-biological detergent

-hydrogen peroxide (in case some blood may hit the carpet, it can help with a clean up)

-phone numbers of your midwife team and copies given to all of your birthing helpers

-a baby sitter(s) to look after any oler children

-Protective coverings for the room you will be stainy gin


-hair ties

-old granny panties underwear

-3 comfortable night gowns for birth that have easy access to go to the bathroom and breast feed

-birthing ball or exercise ball

-video camera (if you want to film the birth) Make sure that it is charged!

-Camera or phone

-A bucket in case you feel sick during labor

-light refreshments for the midwives helping you

-pre-planned meals for anyone who will be in the house

-drinks and healthy snacks

-a large bowl of cold water (someone can keep refreshing this)

-a list of the nearest hospital and where the maternity ward is located.

-hospital’s phone number for the maternity ward (it’s better to be prepared!)

-relaxing music

-some movies or get Netflix ready just in case birth is slow

-a list of people to call once the baby is born (personal choice)

-extra blankets

-a few extra sheets and pillow cases

-a list for the baby sitter of nearby parks for the kids if the labour is long, movies for the children to watch, homework that may need to be done and some great home cooked meals.

-a little extra money if you have hired a baby sitter in case of an emergency.

-extra pillows for comfort

-an overnight bag in case of an emergency hospital visit (we hope this does not happen but it’s great to prepared!)

You’re All Set!

Congratulations on choosing a home birth! This ultimate list will leave you fully prepared for your big day and it is good to be over prepared than under prepared. We wish you a safe and happy home birth and a big congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

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