10 Top Baby Girl Names 2021

It is 2021 and now we are celebrating the top ten baby girl names. These girl names are chosen based on the amount of people who have named their daughter. These names are the most popular of the year. Some of these names have surprised us. Can you guess what name made number one? Last year’s number one girls name has been knocked out of its place!

This year, we have seen some shifts in the most popular girl’s names. We bet things will continue to change quickly in the next five years. Let’s take a look at these top ten names, their origins and meanings and see their changes from last year. Without further ado, here are the top ten baby girl names of 2021!


At number ten we have the name Harper. Harper has fallen slightly from its number nine spot last year. Harper is considered a gender fluid name! This beautiful name means “harp player” and we see it popular from the famous book ” To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee The name slowly rose over the last fifty years and now we see it in the top ten! The most famous Harper would be the author. Nicknames for Harper include “Harp” which is very sharp.

9. Evelyn

At number nine we have the name Evelyn! Evelyn climbed slightly from number ten last year. We love the history of Evelyn. Originally considered a boy’s name, it made its way to being a French surname. Eventually, it came to the English culture and meant “a wish for a child.” This name stood the test of time and it works for just about everybody! Nicknames for Evelyn include “Lynn” or “Eve.” Sometimes, people also use “Gwen” as a nickname! Notable Evelyns include Evelyn Bryan Johnson who logged the most flying hours in the entire world as a pilot! Consider this beautiful name that has stood the test of time for your little girl.


At number eight we have the name Mia. We see Mia appear on the top ten list! We think that it will do nothing but go up in the coming years. There is some exciting history with this name. It has been found in ancient Egypt meaning beloved. Similarly, over the centuries it has also been found in Italy meaning “mine”. It has also been found in Slavic culture under the name Mila, meaning dearest or darling. This beautiful meanings make for a beautiful name.

Notable Mia’s include actress Mia Farrow.

Mia does not have a nickname as a short form of its original name! Consider this beautiful girl’s name that rich in history.

7. Isabella

At number seven we see the name Isabella in our top ten girls names for 2021. Isabella has fallen from number four last year! This is a big jump. Isabella has a religious origin, meaning ” pledge to God.” It has an Italian, Hebrew and Spanish origin. Isabella has a few nicknames including “Belle,” “Bella” and “Izzy”. Notable Isabella’s include Isabella of Castile, the Queen of Castile. Consider this for your little girl’s name.


At number six this year we have the name Amelia. It has climbed from number eight last year! The name Amelia has origin in both Germany and England.  This strong girl’s name means “Industrious.” nicknames for Amelia include “Milia” and “Emme”. Amelia is a name that has stood the test of time. Notable Amelia’s include Amelia Earhart the famous pilot.  Consider this beautiful girl’s name for your little one.


5. Sophia

At number five we have the name Sophia. This name has stayed in the fifth spot from last year. Sophia is a Greek name and means “wisdom”. This smart girl name is loved by so many people. The nickname most people give Sophie is Soph.Notable Sophia’s include actress Sophia Loren. Consider this beautiful name for your little girl.

4. Charlotte

At number four we have Charlotte for the top girls names of 2021. Charlotte climbed from number six last year which is a pretty big jump. This is a French baby name and is actually the female version to the name Charles. Charlotte means “free woman” and can be traced all the way back to the 14th Century. The nickname for Charlotte is “Char.” Notable Charlotte’s include celebrated author Charlotte Bronte. It is no secret why this beautiful name stood the test of time.

3. Ava

This beautiful name stays at the third most popular girls name for another year. Ava  means “life” in Latin. Contrary to popular belief, Ava is actually an older name, with documentation dating back to the Medieval Times! It has been revived on and off for centuries but now is one of the most popular girl’s names. Ava usually does not have a nickname! Notable Avas include actress Ava Gardner. Choose this beautiful girl’s name for your little girl!

2. Emma

Well this is a surprise! The fan favorite of Emma has taken a number two place in the top ten baby girl names of 2021. Previously, Emma held the coveted top spot for baby girl names. This beautiful name means “whole and universal.” It has a Germanic origin. Emma is actually a cousin name to Amelia and is the female version of the name Emmanuel. The nickname for Emma is “Em” for short. Notable Emma’s include actress Emma Stone. This strong girls name is a favorite amongst families everywhere!


The girl’s name Olivia makes its debut as the most popular girl’s name of 2021! Last year, Olivia was sitting at number 2, but is now reigning at number one. Olivia means “olive tree.” This name originates from Latin, but is a very popular English baby girl name. Olivia is a name that can stand the test of time. Notable Olivia’s include actress and singer Olivia Newton John. We are happy to see that Olivia has entered the top spot. But will it stay?

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