The Best Irish Girl Names

Irish names are so beautiful and sound so poetic, it is sure to enchant anyone who hears it. Some people choose Irish baby girl names because it is a part of their heritage. Other people choose Irish names because the Irish culture is unique to them and Irish girl names are some of the prettiest in the world! Many other parents to be love Irish names to re-connect with their Irish ancestry. Whatever the reason, we love Irish girl names.

We have our top Irish girl names with meanings and pronunciations to inspire you find the perfect name for your little girl. Whether you are honoring your Irish heritage or just in love with the beautiful unique sounding names, you are guaranteed to be inspired by our list! In no particular order, here are some of the prettiest and most inspiring Irish baby girl names that you are guaranteed to love. From Celtic baby girl names to some more unique Irish baby girl names, you are going to love these!

Top Irish Baby Girl Names


Aoife – A mysterious and poetic name has an Irish legend behind it. The second wife of King Lir was jealous of her children from her first marriage that she turned them into swans!  Aoife was turned into a crow after her children turned back into humans after almost 1000 years of being swans. The name is mysterious, beautiful and has an incredible story to tell. Pronounced “EEFA”, it is a beautiful, soft name to give your child.  The unique spelling is sure to be a conversation starter. It is either a beautiful nod to Irish heritage or start your own family legacy with this beautiful name.


Aine- the Irish version of Anne is beautiful. Pronounced ONYAH, it rolls off of the tongue and has a beautiful soft sound. Pair it up with a strong cacophonic middle name or honor that special person in your life and you will have a great name for a little girl. Aine can be paired up with almost any name, is easy to pronounce and will be a hit with families and friends.  This name means “joy” and it will give great joy to those who hear it.


Catriona- This regal name has always turned heads. A variation of Katherine, this name gives flare, personality and elegance to your child’s name. We love that this can be paired with a middle name that starts with a vowel or a consonant quite easily.  Here is the talented Catriona Balfe pronouncing her (and possibly your babies) name in interviews.


Niamh- This beautiful name is not misspelled to you non Irish readers, this beautiful name is classically Irish and is pronounced, Nee-uv. It is one of our favorite Irish names and it means radiant, which sounds like a beautiful tribute to your daughter. The god of the sea’s daughter is also named Niamh who grew up to be one of the Queens of the land of eternal youth. It is a beautiful name with a great story.


Saoirse- Another one of our personal favorites. Pronounced “Sersha” or “Seersha” this beautiful name is becoming more popular thanks to the talented Saoirse Ronan. It’s beautiful. Now many Irish people reading this will say that it is such a beautiful yet popular name in Ireland. However, the rest of the world is just being blessed with this name. We predict that Saoirse will only gain in popularity internationally.It is also a power name, meaning freedom. What a great way for your girl to enter this world!



Siobhan means the Lord is gracious and this name is the favorite of many parents around the world. Pronounced SHEHVAHN, this name is beautiful for your future baby! Check out this hilarious video with the pronunciation.




Maeve is the name for a queen, because it is! An Irish queen was blessed with the name Maeve and is becoming more and more popular in North America. Maeve means “to enchant”.




Sinead is a beautiful name which is derived from the French Janet! It means God’s gracious gift. Learned worldwide after the famous singer Sinead O’Connor, the spelling is unique to those without Irish heritage. This name is beautiful for a baby girl!





Mairead is the Irish variation of Margaret and is so pretty. It is believed to be derived from the name “pearl”. There are many variations of this spelling like Maighread with the same pronunciation. This name is feminine and yet powerful.






We love the name Orla! Meaning golden princess, we love this name for a beautiful little girl. From the meaning to how it rolls easily off of the tongue, this would make a great first or middle name. Pronounced OR-LAH, it is easy, easy to spell and yet is powerful.



Caoimhe has a gorgeous spelling that will definitely be a topic of conversation with your non Irish friends. What will be even more interesting is the correct pronunciation. Pronounced  KEE va, is synonymous with beautiful or precious. While a common name in Ireland, others will love the deep Irish roots of this name and how beautiful Caoimhe is.

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With all of these beautiful Irish names, you may really want to connect with the Irish language and culture. That is why we recommend the trip of a lifetime for families to go to Oideas Gael for adult Irish courses and classes. You will have an experience of a lifetime and connect with one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Your life will be changed as you either connect with your culture or learn a brand new language. You are guaranteed to learn and grow from this experience.


Irish names are classic, unique and just beautiful. Any of these names would be perfect for a baby girl. There are also so many other names that you may enjoy. Whether you are honoring your Irish heritage or just a fan of a beautiful name, you will love our wonderful choices and pronunciations.