Irish boy names

Congratulations on your little boy! He is on his way but you want to find that perfect Irish baby boy name. A lot of parents to be decide to either name their child something that reflects their culture or heritage or something unique and beautiful that means something to them. Whatever the case, you have made a great decision to possibly choose an Irish name for your little boy. Whatever the reason, we have the best Irish boy names plus meanings and pronunciations for you to help make this big decision!

The Best Irish Boy Names That You Are Going to Love


Branigan is unique to non-Irish families and we find that parents fall in love with both the pronunciation. Its meaning is “full of energy “which really reinstates to many parents of little ones.


This beautiful Irish name has not gained in popularity across the world… just yet. Following the Irish origin meaning “castle” or “a fort of stone”. We love that it is both a strong name and sounds the way it is spelled, “CASH L”


This is a classic name for Irish boys. Meaning “church” this name is so popular in Ireland and is growing popularity overseas. Pronounced “Killeeunn”, it is easily pronounced by others but is unique enough that your child will stand out.


Both classic and trendy, Declan has a disputed meaning though it has been said that it means “man of prayer”. We have seen it becoming more popular overseas but this has been a popular name in Ireland. Pronounced” Decklan,” we love the classic feel of this name and it is not too popular that your child will be one of five Declans in a class.


Meaning “Gracious God”, Eoin is pronounced OWEN. This is one of the most popular names in Ireland for boys and we can see why. If you are not Irish but looking for a unique name that is easy to pronounce, this would be it. It is a handsome name that can go with almost any strong middle name. We love when we see Eoin combined with a middle name from another culture. If you and your partner have two backgrounds, you can combine Eoin with another name from any culture and it will sound great. Leave some of your favorite name combinations in the comment section below.
If you are worried about the spelling and are from North America, feel free to spell the name OWEN as you will find more people able to pronounce it without question.


This name is strong which means White Fire. The name Fintan is known as an Irish Saint’s name. It is unique to North America but is also easy to pronounce. Pair it with a middle name that begins with a vowel and you will have a stellar name that your family will love.
Pronounced “FINTIN”, it is easy to say, easy for your son to eventually spell and we find very easy to remember whether your friends and relations have an Irish ancestry or not.


Its funny when the trendy and cool names are considered “modern” are actually names that are hundreds of years old. That is the story with Niall. Pronounced “NYEALL” the origin of this name means “cloud”. We have seen the name Niall in “Niall of The Nine Hostages” where Niall was an Irish king. Those with the last name O’Neill and McShanes (and variations of those names) are regarded to be descendants of this king (bonus points if these are your last names and you plan on naming your child Niall). Some historians disagree and say that Niall the Irish King is nothing more than a myth. However, many notable historians do believe that Niall not only exists, but that many people can trace their lineage to him. So who is right? That is a mystery that is still being asked.

With a rich history of the name, Niall, pronounced like Neil, it could be the perfect name for your son.

If you are looking for more gender neutral names, we have seen a few girls with the name Niall as well which is really unique and fun. Bring this ancient name into the modern world by choosing Niall!


In Ireland, Oisin is a common name! Meaning “small deer”, many boys across the Emerald Isle share this beautiful name. However, it has not made it across the world just yet. Pronounced Osheen, Oisin is the son of Finn McCool and Sadb. Sadh was changed into a deer as myth tells it. With a fantastic story behind the name, Oisin can become as popular outside of Ireland as it is in Ireland.
Couple this name with a strong middle name that starts with a strong consonant such as a “C” or a “K” name and you have a strong, unique (unless in Ireland) name that will really turn heads.


Though this name means “dark” all we think about is how light hearted this name would be for your little boy. Pronounced “TIENAN” this name is easy to remember, is short, sweet and people will remember it. We love that it is an alternative to the more popular Tyson while you are either still honoring your Irish heritage or looking for a fresh name that others can pronounce with ease.

This name has the ability to become very popular, but right now, you can be the trend setter with Tynan. The name Tynan can be paired with both a middle name that starts with a consonant or a vowel. Tynan is a name that will not overpower or dictate the middle name as other first names tend to do so your creative juices are free to reign here!

Finding The Perfect Baby Boy Name

Finding the perfect name for a little boy does not have to be so hard! Whether you and your partner are looking to honor your Irish heritage by choosing a more traditional Irish name or you are not Irish and are looking for a unique name that will compliment your child, you will definitely find a name that is suited for your little boy that you will treasure forever. With this list of names, meanings and pronunciations, you are guaranteed to be inspired.

We also have some amazing Irish girl names that are both unique and we have included meanings and pronunciations.

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