4 Ways to Make Pregnancy Easier

You have friends and family gushing to you how beautiful and radiant you look yet perhaps what you are truly feeling is tired, achy, cranky, and simply out of sorts. I know exactly how you feel! There are many things you can do during your pregnancy to make the next nine months easier.

Try specialized pregnancy exercises

There are a variety of gentle exercises that are meant specifically for the pregnant mom. Consider joining a prenatal yoga or aerobics class, or some soothing and gentle swimming exercises. Many of these exercises will help ease pregnancy pains, make labor easier, and provide an endorphin rush when you most will need it. The hormones that come during pregnancy can swing your emotions in all sorts of directions, but regular exercise can help stabilize some of that.

Consult with doctors

Along with hormonal changes, pregnancy brings a great deal of other changes to the body. As your center of gravity changes, back aches become common, and swollen feet come with pains of their own. It’s best not to take these pains lying down, however, and consult doctors to help ease the aches. Chiropractors and podiatrists are especially helpful with these common pregnancy pains and can help you know how to mitigate them.

Adjust your bed

Sleep is essential for an expectant mother, but it can also be hard to come by. Sleeping on your side or back can be painful with the weight in your stomach and chest, but this can be mitigated with an adjustable bed. This type of bed will help you alter the angle and support you sleep on to make sleeping even more comfortable and natural. There may also be a time when you are breast or bottle feeding your newborn and you will find it most comfortable to do so in an inclined bed. There are many styles of adjustable beds that can be adjusted to the perfect level of comfort during your pregnancy and after.

Talk to other expecting moms

There is a lot to know about being an expectant mother, from what pains are normal to what dietary supplements you need to help the baby. Thankfully, you have a world of knowledge at your disposal from both other expectant mothers and those who have been one before. Sharing your experiences with others not only helps you learn more about what you’re going through, but it also can settle a lot of fears and anxieties that new mothers have about a pregnancy. Whether its your first time or your sixth, there is always more you can learn from other women on how to make pregnancy more manageable.

Pregnancy doesn’t need to be nine months of discomfort and irritability. This is a special time for both mom and baby to enjoy their time together before your baby meets the world. Adjusting how you sleep, getting some gentle exercise, enjoying a well-deserved massage, and giving yourself permission to relax and enjoy yourself can go a long way to easing yourself into these easy ways to make pregnancy easier.

Meghan Belnap / Blogger, Researcher and Freelance Writer

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