your kidsYour Kids Cooking! A Recipe For Turning Ordinary Kids Into Extraordinary Cooks


Teaching your children how to cook is not only a fun experience, but a life long skill. It is an excellent way for your children to feel involved in the kitchen and to understand nutrition. Your Kids Cooking! Is a great way for your children to have a great time cooking and keep your kitchen stress free! Even if you are not a seasoned cook yourself, this book offers an easy step-by-step program that breaks down every lesson.


Each lesson actually builds upon each each other your child can make a full family dinner with ease.


We were spoiled with this book. It has an easy to use nutritional guide for children to understand that we need great food to make that meal extra special. The interactive DVD included in the book makes everything easier! We love that it is positive: embrace your mistakes in the kitchen! they are opportunities to learn. We also think the kitchen prep advice is perfect for any cook starting in the kitchen. It explains when to use a wok as opposed to a pot. Proper use of this equipment guarantees an easy clean up in the kitchen.

Author Barbara J. Brandt is an excellent resource. She has over 20 years of teaching, cooking and creating curriculum for top national educational publishers. Her ten lessons build upon the previous lesson and children can learn twenty complete meals for the whole family to love. Her lessons on nutrition  and how to build a healthy plate are based on the USDA and the Let’s Move Campaign


Your children will learn everything from a quiche recipe your family will love, to important utensils to use. Most of all, they will learn to have confidence in the kitchen and learn more about what is healthy for us to ingest to positively fuel our bodies. That gift is priceless.


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