I saw an article recently that made me feel really angry (if you’re keen for a look, check out the link at the end of this post).

She is too fit

A mum-to-be posted a photo online of herself and her friend who were both pregnant and very fit at the same time. Apparently, this outraged a lot of people. One mum-to-be’s pregnant belly was a lot larger than the other’s (ummm, so whats the problem!?)

Apparently people were upset that the lady with the smaller belly was too focused on fitness and not enough focused on being healthy for her baby. (uh, what!?)

Maintaining Fitness While Pregnant

Is it just me or do other people not see a problem with maintaining your fitness while pregnant? As a regular gym-goer I’m pretty certain I would keep my fitness up if I was pregnant (sure probably not to the same level, but I think something is better than nothing!)

Ban Pregnant Ladies From The Gym

I did also check in with my Doctor on this one and was advised that it is absolutely fine to continue with your workout routine when you become pregnant (so long as you don’t just suddenly decide to go get fit once you find out you are pregnant).

Aparently keeping up your fitness can also help you get through your labour a bit easier (I’m not certain of this one, but it sounds good!)

How about you? Did you work out while pregnant? Do you think ladies should skip the gym while pregnant? Was your labour easier and / or harder because of your fitness level?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Lastly, as promised, if you are keen to check out the photo (and article) I was talking about, you can find the link to it here.

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