Essentials for Breastfeeding

Congratulations, you are set to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is great for your baby, has many health benefits for you and is cost effective for many families. There is so many information for parents who are choosing to breastfeed, it can be overwhelming to find out what are your breast feeding essentials. We have decided to narrow down what is the most important for every breastfeeding Mom.  There are essentials for breast feeding that you don’t want to miss and that will make your life and your baby’s life so much easier!


Breastfeeding Essentials Checklist

Here is our breastfeeding essentials checklist that is a quick and easy way to know what you need before your baby arrives.

-Breast Pads

-Nursing Pillow

-Pregnancy Journal

-Nursing Cover

-Nipple Cream/ Breast milk

-Breast Pump

-Wearable Breast Pump

– Scrunchie

-Handheld Massager

– Breast Milk Storage

-Water Bottle

– Nursing Tank Top

-Yummy Snacks

-Timer for Your Phone

– Rocking Chair


Essentials for Breastfeeding

When Moms are breastfeeding, they are going to need all of the help you are going to get! Here are some breastfeeding essentials to make your life easier and most importantly, your baby’s life easier.

Breast Pads

When your breast milk comes in, your breasts can fill up quickly! More often than not, when your baby starts crying or sometimes when you hear another baby crying, your breasts can leak milk! This little oops is no big deal, but it can make you wet and stain shirts and bras. That is why breast pads are great. They absorb the milk, save your shirt and your bra from leakage and keep you drier. They are small and can fit in the smallest of purses.

Make sure to stock up on breast pads if you plan on breastfeeding for a while!

Nursing Pillow

While breastfeeding, it is so nice to have a nursing pillow help you prop up your baby! Your baby can sit comfortably and you can breast feed with ease. It is also super comfy! The nursing pillow can double as a personal pillow for yourself when you get those coveted sleeps. Nursing pillows provide support for the baby during breastfeeding, encourage good posture while breast feeding and a great pillow to relax with when you find the time.

Nursing Cover

If you choose to breastfeed in public and you want privacy and to cover yourself out. That is your choice! If you are looking for privacy while you breastfeed your baby, a nursing cover is perfect for you! Nursing covers are light blanket like type material that is breathable for your baby. It gives you the privacy you need!

Nipple Cream/Breast milk

Sometimes when you are breastfeeding regularly, your breasts can become tender, painful or even cracked! Getting some nipple cream can really help give relief to your nipples in between feedings. It can help your nipples heal or just get some relief from the extra work they have been doing feeding your baby.

Another alternative that is completely natural is your own breast milk! Yes, you can rub excess breast milk on your nipples and it has been known to soothe sore and cracked nipples as well. You can just squeeze a bit of your breast milk and rub it around your nipple after every feed to provide relief.

Breast Pump

Sometimes new parents have to get back to work or are always on the go. Unfortunately, some parents cannot sit down to breast feed their baby. Alternatively, some Moms choose to pump breast milk so their partners can also have bonding time feeding the new baby.

A Breast pump is an investment but it is very helpful. You can pump your breast milk, store it for later or feed it to your baby. You can give it to a baby sitter or a partner to feed the baby while you run errands or work. Breast pumping your milk gives you some freedoms to accomplish other necessary tasks and store your extra breast milk for a rainy day. Similarly, some Moms donate their excess breast milk to milk banks. Milk banks are places for mothers who cannot pump milk can give breast milk to their children.

Moms also use their breast milk to save milk for later. Some Moms make soaps or store the milk to care for their skin or their baby’s skin. Whatever the purpose, Breast Pumps allow some Moms to have time and options.

Wearable Breast Pump

This type of breast pump is the type of pump that gives women the freedom to pump while they are on the go! A wearable breast pump attaches to your breasts and as you are walking around your house running errands, your breasts are being pumped of milk. Once completed, you can empty the contents into to a bottle or into a milk storage bag for later! This is great especially if you have multiple children


A scrunchie sounds simple, but when you are breastfeeding and your hair is longer, it can be uncomfortable! Using a hair tie or a scrunchie to tie your hair up on the top of your head is perfect.

Handheld Massager

When you are a new Mom, your ligaments are loose and your body is slowly going back to the way it was. Being sore and pulling muscles can be common for some new Moms. Getting a hand held massager to get out those kinks in your back and legs can be helpful and keep you comfortable.

Breast milk storage Bags

If you are pumping your milk or producing excess milk, breast milk storage bags is a great way to store the milk for a later date. Nontoxic bags are a recommended way to store your milk. You can write the day the milk has been pumped so you know for later. You can store the milk in your fridge if you are using it soon or your freezer for later.

Water bottles

When you are breastfeeding you have to stay hydrated! Getting a nice big water bottle is not only going to be a great reminder to keep drinking water, it keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Even though you are probably so tired and just going minute by minute, having a water bottle by your side is an excellent reminder to stay hydrated. Keeping hydrated helps your milk supply! Water is one of the main ways to increase your milk supply fast.

Nursing Tank Top

You want to feel comfortable and be able to breast feed with ease? Get a nursing tank top! A nursing tank top is so helpful. It keeps you comfortable in your home but when you have to breastfeed, it is easy to sit back and feed your child. No more discomfort for you and your baby! A nursing tank top (or two) makes life that much easier.

Yummy Snacks


Make sure to always have yummy snacks on hand! Delicious, healthy snacks that are packed with fiber and protein and vitamins. From fruits to granola bars, take care of yourself! You need those calories from breastfeeding. You deserve some delicious snacks to help you get through the day.

Rocking Chair

It is always nice to have a space to breastfeed and that place to be comfortable for you. A rocking chair is nice to rock softly back and forth as you breastfeed your baby. A rocking chair is also great to rock your baby back and forth to soothe them to sleep.

This rocking chair can be placed right in your babies room so when you have finished feeding and burping, your child will be lulled to sleep .We can’t think of a more relaxing way to bond with your baby and see them slowly grow. Also, if you are tired, you can fall asleep in the rocking chair and get a decent nap!

Timer on your phone

Setting a timer on your phone is essential for breastfeeding! It helps you know how long your child has been on either breast and how long they have been breastfeeding for. For some Mothers, it helps understand how much breast milk the baby is getting. If your baby is sick, it is also good to record how long they breastfed for and for how many times a day. Any information can help your doctor.

A Journal for Breastfeeding

For many Moms, they like to keep a journal for breastfeeding. Some doctors recommend it, especially for the first month after your baby’s birth. You can look back on it later and recall those late night and early morning feedings.

This also helps doctors if your child is not feeling well know how much your child is feeding. It also helps nursing coaches with this important information

Lastly, it is great for you to recollect in these moments where you spent and bonded with your baby.

Nipple Shield

These are for the Moms who are choosing to have a lactation consultant and are struggling to get their baby to latch. A nipple shield can help you create that latch for your baby that is going to feed them properly. It will give you a peace of mind that you are giving your child enough to eat and your child gets to eat without concern or working too hard.

Make sure to consult with your lactation consultant first on nipple shield sizes to get that perfect latch!

Why Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding promotes a healthy, safe way for your child to eat. It is healthy and if Mom wants to, can be an excellent way to bond with your child. Babies do drink milk multiple times a day and breast milk is an excellent way to promote healthy eating and healthy bonding.

Moms can breastfeed from the breast or pump milk to save for later. Mothers also can give pumped breast milk to their partners or other important family members to share in the bonding of feeding the baby. This gives Mom some time to rest or accomplish other tasks.

Secondly, many Mothers also find that they lose baby weight fast when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories so even with Moms eating more to compensate for the extra calories burned, they find it easier to reach their pre pregnancy weight.

Lastly, breast milk is cost effective. Unfortunately, formula can be very expensive. You can run out of formula and have to run to the store to get more. Luckily, with breastfeeding, a feeding is always readily available to the baby within seconds. Mom just needs a comfortable space to nurse and she is ready to begin breastfeeding.


Essentials for Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding with your baby is not only a time to feed but a time to bond. Both you and your baby need to be comfortable, relaxed and in a safe space. These essential items will help you make your breastfeeding experience with your baby a positive one and you are setting yourself up for a successful journey giving milk to your little one.