How To Get A Free Breast Pump


Breast pumps make the busy Moms life a lot easier! They can allow us to pump and store milk for those important times that we may not be able to breast feed. Pumping your breast milk is a Mom’s choice and the ones that do choose to pump, find it easy to pump, store and most of all feed their little one.

Breast pumps are extremely helpful for the busy Mom but they can be expensive! We were recently quoted $2000 for a great breast pump. Cheaper breast pumps can hurt your breast, causing cracks, pain and even bleeding. You want something that is going to really aid you in breastfeeding and not cause more problems.

What if you could get a great breast pump that does the job but does not cause any pain, just helps you product breast milk? Further still, what if that great breast pump was free? Brands and businesses just don’t give away such an expensive product.

First of all, you have to know what kind of breast pump you want to review. Manual or electric? There are many new companies popping up that have different methods of pumping milk and you have to decide which one would be best for you and your body. Once you know the angle, research the product. Know what it can do for you and why this is the best one for you.

After you have researched which breast pump you know is best for you, it’s time to try to get that free breast pump! We have come up with some must read top tips on how you could possibly get a free breast pump.

INSURANCE For A Free Breast Pump

If you or your spouse are working, check with your local insurance provider! You would be surprised how much they will cover, or help you cover for the cost of a breast pump. You have to speak to your representative and clearly state why you need this breast pump at no cost.

If you are not pregnant yet and are planning on having a baby, be sure to look at insurance providers who will cover the cost of a free breast pump. Find out if they will get a basic breast pump or one of the more effective and expensive brands.

If you are not working or on a social assistance, check with your social assistance provider if you qualify for a free or discounted new breast pump. It never hurts to ask and many of these perks are often not mention unless your insurance or social assistance provider is asked about it.



Sometimes following your favorite mom blogger, lactation consultant or doula can mean you can win a free breast pump. Usually it is something simple like tagging friends for entries or retweeting on twitter to win a prize. Many Moms have actually “won” their breast pump by sharing a giveaway with family and friends.

This would require you following a few Mom blogs and lactation blogs that you see are doing regular giveaways. It would mean that at some level, you are joining their community. Sign up for their email subscriptions so you can get the inside scoop on giveaways and prizes. Though you will receive regular emails, it also means that you will be one of the first to know about an upcoming giveaway.


If you own a blog or are a good writer who can really grab a reader’s attention, you could blog in exchange for product. Blogging does involve time and skill so your time is valuable. However, like all other possible ways of getting a free breast pump, it takes some time and research in order to get the opportunity.

If you have a blog of your own, email breast pump companies to see if they work with bloggers. Be sure to show them your media kit and why you would be a good fit to receive a free product in exchange for a great review. Remember, you will have to have a good following or a great niche readership. Companies who are giving away expensive equipment want to know that they can sell this equipment to your readers. An honest review and possibly an affiliate link in exchange for a free breast pump is possible.

If you do not have a blog…

If you do not have a blog of your own but you are an exceptional writer, dust off your writing portfolio and approach big blogs about contacting your favorite breast pump provider. Let them know how you would create a fun vlog or blog post about using a breast pump, reviewing a breast pump or more in exchange for a free product.

You have to pitch a fun and dynamic story that the blog has not seen before and you have to follow blogs that are in line with a breast pump. You would not go to your favorite book review blog to ask for a free breast pump in order to review breast pumps! Follow blogs that do product reviews in a fun way. Study the blogs style, flow and the way the reach their audience and offer a similar post. Write a mock up post of another review so they can see your writing style. That way, with no experience writing and just some talent, the blog or magazine would feel more comfortable connecting you with contacts that can help with the blog.

Getting A Free Breast Pump Is Possible!

Getting a free breast pump is not easy but it is certainly not impossible! It just requires some planning, time and getting creative on your end. These ideas that we have provided are the top three ways that Moms and Moms to be have received a free breast pump, making their lives so much easier pumping and storing milk without breaking the bank.

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