There is no question that we LOVE our kids. Their tiny faces just make our heart melt and their tiny voices have us willing to move mountains to please them. But there are times as a new Mom where you just have a few FML moments. Here are four of our favorites:

Throwing up the milk you just breastfed- If you’re breastfeeding or pumping your breast milk, it can be a stressful time. You baby may be colicy or fussy and its hard to find a great position that does not bother the both of you. When you’re done breast feeding 10 or 20 minutes later, nothing says, FML more than when your poor baby throws up some or all of your breast milk. Time to clean up the little one and try again. You can always shower later…

Pooping on you, the wall and other objects…at once –This is bound to happen at least once. You know the signs, you smell the signs really. Your adorable little infant has pooped. You go to give him or her a good change so that they are fresh again. Once you have cleaned up that little bum, suddenly a volcano erupts…of poo. You never knew about projectile poop before but you can swear to it now. It gets on you and other things around you. You see your infant make a sigh of relief. At least it is out of their system!


You and Baby are not finding a sleeping pattern- You swear your baby is born nocturnal. You are up all day and your child wants to be up at night! Hang in there new Mom, it will all work out. Some great advice is to find a rhythm and sleep when the baby sleeps. Others turn to a Sleep Consultant.

Boob Leakage- You’re out in public functioning like a human being again. People are asking you adult questions and it feels good to give your opinion, talk, chat and generally interact with other adult human beings, until you notice that your breast milk has leaked all over your shirt and others seem to notice. They may tell you, they may giggle, they may not say anything. Who cares what they think? You’re a new Mom and it’s natural.

We all have these FML moments at times, but what we do know, is that we are doing it for our children and when it seems hopeless, just know the light is at the end of the tunnel, it will get better.