My First Book of Haiku Poems

Haikus are some of the most cherished poems. Short and full of whimsy and creativity, your young poets will love haiku poems. My First Book of Haiku Poems is perfect for children. Parents will love it. From pictures to poems to dreams, this book will stay with your young poets through out their lives.

From Tuttle Publishing, Esperanza Ramierez Christensen translates this beautiful book of poetry from Japanese. These classic poems from the Japanese Haiku masters will expand your child’s young minds and open a door to wild imagination. Let your child be immersed with the greats. They will walk in a dream world hearing the written word.

Award Winning Artist Tracy Gallup takes us on a illustrative journey of dreams and unforgettable pictures. The twenty classic poems is written in both English and Japanese. Children will become interested in Japanese and each of these incredible Haiku poets. From Shiki to Basho, your child will go exploring the tiny parts of the huge universe.

Favorite Haiku

Firstly, it is hard to choose a favorite poet but it would have to be Issa for us. The colors of the dawning sky opened our imaginations to a whole new world and helped inspire our children. The poem is descriptive and reminds us that our children have their whole lives ahead of them. Their beginning is like a brand new garment and it is colorful and boisterous. The illustrations help guide our imagination to new heights.

Lastly, if you are looking to get your little readers to enjoy and fall in love with poetry, expand their imagination to new heights or just have poems to bond over and talk about, this is the perfect book to inspire.

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