Black is A Rainbow Color

Black is beautiful but did you know that black is a rainbow color? In this delightful book written by Angela Joy, Black is EVERYTHING.

As our young child main character learns about how beautiful black is, this child learns that black is a culture, a history, a song and most importantly a legacy, a legacy that this little one is a part of. This empowering book is poetry, Angela Joy creates a tapestry of digestible words and meanings that both child and adult will be amazed. Simple sayings with profound meanings, notable leaders grace this book, your child will feel the power behind Black.

Angela Joy also includes a helpful timeline of black ethnonyms in America which is educational for everyone and very important moments of history. Our favorite bonus was the Black is a Rainbow Color Playlist which you can softly play in the background as you read this book with your child and discuss the book afterwards.

Illustrator Ekua Holmes enchants the reader with each work of art. While reading it, I felt like the characters were right next to me. We loved the metaphor in each picture and how black was bold.

Together, this tapestry is woven to educate, empower and to lead the next generation of thought leaders into existence. This world surely does need more of these people and Roaring Book Press gave us just that inspiration to begin the pivot.

Extra Credit

Have your child identify with one of the sayings from the book and write about the person each phrase represents. Why did you choose this phrase? Why was this person an important leader in history? How can you relate to this thought leader? It will be incredible to learn who your child relates to and why.

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