Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I have a few moments to update everyone. First I want to say We Love You ALL for your continuous prayers. For your support this year and for always being here for us. We felt so comforted in knowing that we weren’t alone. And although everyday is still a challenge, we know that God is Good and all of this is in His plan for us. We know that He is still carrying us and guiding us in His direction.

The other night my husband and I were talking about how blessed we were and how amazing life is. We talked about the crazy times and the good times we have had this year… and he said one thing that will stick in my head for the rest of my life… he said one thing that I wanted to share with all of you… he said… “Everything has worked out because we have been faithful.”

For the past two weeks Matthew has been sick with bronchitis. He has struggled with his breathing and his congestion. It has made his dialysis a little difficult. There was one night where we had to bypass his dialysis and stop it for the evening.

With Matthew’s condition he can’t afford to NOT be on dialysis. We were described a lot of bad things that would happen if he didn’t get it… BUT… he did just fine. God is Good. His blood pressure remained normal (normal for him) and his weight was good. We tried again in the morning with the direction of his kidney nurse and he did great. We were back on track.

Last Monday his congestion was so bad we took him Loma Linda ER to get some chest xrays. We were already at our weekly kidney appointment and had labs done. Our nurse made some phone calls and he was treated like the rockstar he is…lol. Everybody remembers this little miracle…even down in the ER. One of the doctors that was seeing Matthew had passed through the NICU to see Matthew while he was up there. It was neat talking to her.

All labs came out good. Matthew is slowly getting back up to being stable.. especially his anemia and iron. Thank God his chest xrays came back clear as well. I am doing everything I am suppose to be doing to help him… so I’m good with that. Unfortunately though, we were told that he needs to stay home to recover. So he couldn’t go to grandma’s house with the rest of the family for Christmas. I was hoping he would finally meet EVERYONE!! But his health comes first… So he and daddy stayed home. Christmas Day we opened presents with his sisters here at home. He still was NOT feeling good at all though. It wasn’t until the day after Christmas that he finally gave me a smile.

And now here we are… he’s feeling much much better. Getting back to his normal self. We have been working on his leg muscles and he stands for about three It’s a good thing.

In my next post, I will be telling you about God’s Miracles… just to show God’s Power…

It has been hard to update because Matthew had been so sick.. hoping it gets a little easier. So if I’ve lost contact with you please forgive me. I try and make a daily list of things to do and most days I get to item #1… I’ve felt like I’ve secluded myself and I am sorry for that. Everyday is a lesson… please forgive me… love you guys…

God Bless You All..