4 Great Household Products that Save the Environment


Did you know that humans consume about 27,000 trees daily? That is a staggering number. There is no question that we have to save our trees. However, many of our products, even household products come from trees. This is why we trust Caboo. Caboo has products that are made from sustainable alternatives to trees.

Bamboo and sugarcane are grasses, not hard woods. This means that they are extremely fast growing and do not require replanting. Products like bamboo have natural fibers that are strong and 100% biodegradable.

Caboo was kind enough to give us four amazing products and we are here to tell you how each one stood up to our tests.

We tested teach product on a family that is currently moving homes. Yes, those messy times where you are intensely cleaning your home for the next family is exactly what we were looking for. Secondly, this family has a baby so we were able to test the Caboo baby wipes as well. We got down to business with Caboo and these are the four great products we tested!

Caboo Toilet Paper

We did not know what to think with this 100% bamboo and sugarcane pulp paper. We had only used toilet paper that came from trees so this was going to be an experience. We were happy to learn that this toilet paper is not only biodegradable but septic safe and was whitened without chemicals. It had no fragrance and was BPA free. It is non GRM certified and was a soft and strong 2 Ply toilet paper.

This big roll boasted 550 sheets. After our first restroom break, this toilet paper was soft and yet durable. We were so impressed! It flushed easily and has all of the similarities of tree based toilet paper, except for chemicals. Knowing that sugar cane and bamboo grows a lot faster and does not require replanting makes this our official family toilet paper from now own. It also did not break the bank! It is affordable to all families.

Caboo Facial Tissue

Before the big move was a mass basement renovation. There was drywall being placed and let’s face it, that kicks up a lot of dust. We were sneezing a bit as we waited to have our air ducks cleaned. We used the caboo Bamboo and sugarcane facial tissue. Each pack comes with 12 tissues. We were wary as we again are used to tree based tissues. Will it withstand a sneeze? It certainly did!

Caboo facial tissue is soft and yet durable. It does not hurt your nose if you have a cold and does not make your skin feel raw with frequent use. This product is also biodegradable and septic safe. It was whitened without chemicals containing chlorine bleach and was fragrance free. We also like that it is Non- GMO certified and BPA free. It is strong as it is a 2 Ply tissue. These tissues are perfect for a cold or just to have in your house or car!

Caboo Baby Wipes

The following is the most important product of all. It is a wipe that goes in your babies most sensitive areas. We received the Flip Top Pack which is great for traveling. These extra gentle wipes were perfect for even the most sensitive skinned baby and the fact that this product is hypoallergenic and paraben and chlorine free can put a parent’s mind at ease. It is also BPA Free.

Take these on your camping trips because these baby wipes are also compostable, in as fast as 28 days! This is awesome! What competitor can boast those same statistics?

We were impressed that it is tree free and has a natural aloe scent. Each package comes with 72 wipes. They are portable and fit nicely in a purse or a diaper bag. Whether you are taking your baby out for the day or going on a trip, the Caboo Baby wipes are safe, soft and sensitive to your baby’s needs.

Caboo Travel Wipes

Another great product for the big move! This is also great for day trips and those long vacations. Travel Wipes can refresh and cleanse your skin with sustainable bamboo product! With 10 wet wipes available in each pack, these tree free travel wipes are extra gentle to your skin. They are hypoallergenic so they are safe for anyone to use. They are paraben and chlorine free and BPA free. Like the baby wipes, Caboo travel wipes are compostable in as fast as 28 days!

This product is great for your car, your diaper bag, or even keeping in your purse or luggage. It has a re-sealable top so you can keep your remaining wipes fresh.


We also love Caboo because of their fantastic blog. Check with them regularly to see what tips and tricks you can get from creating a paperless lifestyle. Save a tree, save the environment!

To see what else Caboo has in store or to shop some of the products you love, click here to stock up your house with this environmentally friendly brand.