Homeschooling is growing rapidly with families, but there are many reasons why a family chooses to home school. Here are a few of the many reasons why parents choose to keep their children in a homeschooling environment.

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Religious Reasons- A family has religious views that are not taught in the mainstream school system. Parents believe that teaching their child around a faith based system will be more beneficial for their child, so they choose to home school. There are many religious home schooling programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12 offered that thousands of families use.

Schooling to Go At The Child’s Own Pace- Whether your child needs more time on specific subjects or is studying at an exceptional rate, parents what their child to be able to understand the material at their own pace. Individual home based studies allow the child to take the time to understand the material, or to learn more advanced material.

Alternative Ideas To Traditional School- Some parents believe that the traditional structure of school is not the be all, end all of education. They are teaching in an alternative learning structure, whether it is practices such as ‘unschooling’ or another practice, parents praise the alternative ideas to traditional school.

Travel- Some parents have a unique experience to travel the world. Whether it is for a job or for pleasure, constant travel requires a child to home school, to avoid constant absences from a traditional school. A child continues their studies around the world, where many projects are surrounded upon the current environment they are living in.