Diapers and Lipgloss

We have a guilty pleasure and it is everything Diapers and Lipgloss! For our readers in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario, Canada you would know this local show, but for the rest of our global readers, we really enjoy the videos of these two beautiful, fun and loveable Moms, Melissa and Vanessa.  From their show on Rogers Television to their Vlog, Vanessa and Melissa want to engage parents globally; from product reviews to trending topics.

There is a lack of television programs where Moms have a resource to watch and be immersed in everything to do with parenting. Vanessa and Melissa are here to fill that void and talk about everything from product reviews, the latest trends right down to some more difficult topics. They are currently hosting Diapers and Lipgloss on Rogers Television in Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada but they also have their Vlog, where they are reaching a global audience.

But who are these two Mommies taking the Tv and Vlog world by storm?

More About Melissa

Melissa Shadd from Diapers and Lipgloss

Melissa Shadd is a Mommy of two wears a lot of hats. She is an accomplished blogger, entrepreneur and a nutritionist who is a fantastic resource for families who are looking for a healthier lifestyle.  Melissa also competes in fitness competitions and promotes natural body building events.

Mellissa Shadd and her family

Vanessa from Diapers and LipglossMore About Vanessa


Vanessa Rempel is also a multi-talented Mommy of two and loves arts and fitness. After studying film at the William Davis Center and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Vanessa entered a career in corporate sales. After having her little ones, she is a stay at home Mother who has combined her passions: parenting and her vast experience in film and television into Diapers and Lipgloss with Melissa.

Vanessa from Diapers and Lipgloss and her family

Both Vanessa and Melissa know how difficult it is for parents to balance careers and raising a family. What makes Vanessa and Melissa the perfect hosts? they are going through parenthood with you, not telling you how to go through parenthood.


Both of these mothers are shining examples of what it is like to take your corporate experience and your passions and make them into something that you will love but help others. To emphasize the diversity of their show and the many facets to their dynamic, here are some of the many examples to show you how they can cover an array of topics (and save you all of that late night researching!


Mommies! Vanessa and Melissa believe that you should have some time to yourself! Get others to help you schedule a nice evening with the girls! Check out the inside scoop on Vanessa and Melissa’s recent outing!





Some of Vanessa and Melissa’s Vlogs


Vanessa and Melissa are Moms that you can relate to! Even though they have different parenting techniques, they do have one rule on Diapers and Lipgloss: No Judgement! As parents, we can find ourselves judging other parents that do not have similar parenting and lifestyles then we do. As Melissa and Vanessa can attest, this is not the way to grow as a better parent! Diapers and Lipgloss highlights different issue sand always get both sides of the story. Vanessa and Melissa will give their input and encourage readers to do the same. They will also ask experts the tough questions that parents often wonder, but never voice.

Vanessa and Melissa : Two Opinions

To take different opinions into consideration and get the whole story is imperil to being the best parents! No matter what your beliefs, Vanessa and Melissa’s show will always be informative, fun and welcoming to all parents!

Vanessa and Melissa from Diapers and Lipgloss

Diapers and Lipgloss is going to be full of great information and fun so we encourage our Baby Spot readers to jump on the bandwagon now! Tweet Diapers and Lipgloss about things you would like to see on their next vLog section or just add them to say, “Hello.”

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Diapers and Lipgloss hosts Vanessa and Melissa are Moms that are passionate about all things Motherhood!