bowls of happiness



When we picked up Bowls of Happiness, our heart was filled with joy. Little Piggy is born , which is her sweet nickname. Little Piggy learns why her parents chose this nickname and we learn a lot about Chinese culture and how and why parents choose names for their children.

There is a section of the book that teaches both parents and children about Chinese culture and the cultural significance of bowls. We don’t want to give a lot away, because we want you to get a copy of this book yourself!

Illustrator Alice Mak draws beautifully so that children are both entertained and learning the morals and values behind the words of the book. Alice paints a picture of what Brian Tse’s beautiful words were trying to convey.

This book teaches you that lovely things that happen through out our lives, have a funny way of joining together. If your children can learn this message at a young age, just think of how much more joy life will give.