4 Things To Do When You’re 9 Months Pregnant

Congratulations! You are now nine months pregnant. You are almost done holding your little one (or little ones!) and it is time to give birth. However, there are a lot of things to prepare for and things you must do before you give birth.


1. Pack Your Hospital Bag-

(If you are using a hospital) Time to pack the essentials: pads, soothers, diapers and little outfits for your baby. Pack an overnight bag for yourself. If you are having a C- Section, pack for a few days. Also have healthy snacks and things to do handy. Books, a Kindle or some of your favorite music will make a difference!

2. Get A lot of Rest-

We get it, you’re excited to meet your little one, you are probably uncomfortable and most women go to the bathroom… a lot! However, give yourself the rest you need. You are not going to get as much rest as you are used to.

3. Eat Very Healthy-

You need all the strength you can get! Pick foods that give you energy and are healthy. You want to give your baby the natural fats (think avocados) and nutrients he or she needs before the or she is born


You may feel the urge to nest, where you are making last minute preparations for the baby! Complete small, easy tasks and don’t take on any big projects at this time. Finishing touches on a nursery are fine,  but do not start any big renovations or huge cleaning projects. The object is to give into your nesting feelings, but not to over indulge.

You are almost at your end goal, to give birth to a healthy baby! It may seem like pregnancy will never end, but you will be there soon, holding your little one!