HappyNoNappy App Review

By:  Karen Del Ben

A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick


From the moment I started changing diapers, I remember already wanting my child to be potty training and out of diapers.  Before hearing about this app, I had never heard of or really even considered attempting to potty train my little one at a young age.  This app discusses and walks parents though Elimination Communication for young infants and children by using an easy step by step guide to help parents move away from the conventional diapers.

Elimination communication allows parents to “potty train” their children from birth if they wish.  The instructions on how to avoid diapers and diaper rashes by assisting children to use the potty or toilet at a young age has many advantages including distinguishing between colic and whether the child needs to eliminate and having no more piles of stinky diapers laying around the house.  The financial portion of purchasing diapers, wipes, diaper pail refills decreases or is completely removed since the need to buy them is no longer there.  The apps states, “Children have an innate instinct to not soil themselves and by respecting the child’s body and ability by responding to their cues and encourages communication between you and your child.”


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This app offers many tips and suggestions on how to make this theory work for your family, along with a diary section where you can record your child’s elimination schedule.  The beauty of this app is that you can use it how you wish.  You may wish to train your infant for the day but then have them in diapers at night, or simply having your mornings diaper free.  It’s never too early to have your infant/child comfortable with using the toilet, but customization is key.

As my son has just started and is almost completely potty trained, I found many of the suggestions to be helpful for my own two year old.  Getting to know your child’s body and schedule is key to successful potty training routine.

Try this app out if you’re interested in getting your babies/toddlers out of diapers some or all of the time!