By: Karen Silva

You have your guest list, food planned out and now you’re thinking how to decorate for your Canada Day themed party. No need to worry!

Here are my top five favorite Canada day activities that you can do with your children and use it to decorate for your party.

*Please use your best judgment on which tasks you may need to assist your child with*

Canada Flag Banner

What you will need: Scissors, tape, white paper and red paint.

First, you will need to decide how long you want your banner. If you decided to have a medium size banner you will need four pieces of paper. On two of the papers, paint the sides Red and using their hand print as the maple leaf design in the middle. Once you have completed that set it to dry. Then on the other two blank White pieces of paper write a message. For example it can say “Welcome” or “Happy Canada Day”. Once dried tape them all together from the back to create your banner and hang it up for all to see.

Tea Light Holder

What you will need: White and Red tissue paper, glue, glass cup or Mason jar and a tea light candle

First, make sure your cup or Mason jar is washed and dried. Together with your child tear up the White and Red tissue paper into smaller pieces. Then cover the cup or Mason jar with glue and add your pieces of tissue papers. Complete this task until it is completely covered and add a second layer if you wish. Finally add your tea light candle (flamed or fake) and put it out for display.


Canadian Table Cloth

What you will need: A White table cloth and Red paint

I found a cheap white table cloth at my local dollar store as well at my local Party City store. I recommend getting the cheaper plastic one that way it is easier for the paint to stick on. Together with your child decorate the table cloth with the red paint using paint brushes and draw designs or using your hands to create hand prints. Once completed let it sit to dry and then display all your tasty foods on it.

Maple Leaf Messages

What you will need: Canadian themed stickers, Red construction paper and a Black marker

First, cut out maple leafs using the red construction paper. Ask your child questions about Canada Day; for example, what are they excited about? What they think about the flag? Write the question as well as their answers onto each maple leaf and then have them decorate it with stickers. Then decorate the room with the Maple Leaf messages.

Goodie bags

What you will need: Brown paper bags, Red construction paper, Red and White pom poms and glue.

Together with your child decorate each brown paper bags with Red and White pom poms (Remember to decorate both sides of the bag). Then with the Red construction paper, cut out the shape of a maple leaf and glue it in the middle of each paper bag. Write down each guests name inside the maple leaf and set aside to dry. Once dried add your goodies into your bag and together you can hand them out to your guests as they arrive or when they leave.

Whether you have plans or not, I hope you all have a great Canada Day! Be sure to visit one of your local parks for a fire work show or just peek outside your window. I’m sure many people will be doing fireworks this Canada Day, since our beloved country is turning 150 years old!



About the Author

Karen graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Combined with her ECE background and passion for DIY projects and baking, she is a contributor writer for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can bring families together through her creative ideas.