Santa in the City

Every year, Santa comes down the chimney and delivers presents to children all over the world. But how does he manage in the city when people do not have chimneys? How does he navigate around a busy city and still make every single home? Santa in the City is about one little girl’s worry about Santa not being able to visit her in the big city.

Does Santa Deliver Presents To The City?

Little Deja lives in an apartment on her city block in the big city. There are no parking spots on her block that could fit even the smallest of sleighs! How can they take eight reindeer? She does not have a chimney and therefore Santa will not be able to visit her on Christmas Eve. Or so she thinks. Thanks to the love of community, her family and Santa himself, Deja gets the greatest gift of all, love from the community.

Deja realizes form her friends, family and community that Santa is going to be just find in the city. New York Times bestselling author Tiffany D. Jackson has a wonderful way of keeping the Christmas spirit alive with each and every explanation that Deja discovers. Deja learns that nothing stops Santa from coming to town! Deja feels the love of her entire community and how important each and every person you interact with every day of your life truly is. Yes Deja, Santa does visit children in the city.

Illustrator Reggie Brown makes the story comes alive with the whimsical pictures. There are details on every page that will make your child’s eyes dance.

This book will become an instant Christmas classic that you will read with your children year after year! Published by Dial books, this is a Christmas favorite.

Extra Credit

Have your children draw what Santa looks like delivering presents in a big city verses in a suburb or on the countryside.

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