The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol

Nate Gadol has eyes described as shiny as golden coins, and smile that is as bright as a lantern. He also has a very big spirit. Nate Gadol has the magic and loves to make things last as long as they are needed. The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol is a book for Jewish children and all of their non Jewish friends. The spirit of friendship, helping one another and the magic of the season are all in this book.

Nate Gadol

Nate helps his neighbors with challenges and gives them things that they need like food over a harsh winter. This mythical story lets Jewish families give and receive gifts over Hanukkah as Christians neighbors would at Christmas. Nate encourages to be kind, helpful and meet people’s needs especially when they are need. These gestures of goodwill are bonding, generous and teaching your children such wonderful morals and values.

The book itself is gorgeous, with each page sprinkled with gold and glitter, your child’s eyes will dance across the page thanks to illustrator Kevin Hawkes. Arthur A. Levine, the author, has created a new holiday tradition for children everywhere, all around the world. This larger than life hero brings Hanukkah wonder and magic to everyone who is in need, and those people in need can be anyone in the world. Candlewick Press has produced an instant classic.


Extra Credit

Have your child write out 5 good deeds that they would like to do for others. These people can be people they know or people they do not know. Oversee your children doing those good deeds for others, whether it is cleaning up a local park from garbage or donating some non perishable items to a local charity. Your child will feel great about making a difference in this world this Hanukkah and you will be proud that they learned the spirit of Hanukkah is about giving. It’s all about spreading love this holiday season!

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