The job of being a Mum is definitely not easy. At the end of the day, mums are spent and can’t wait to enjoy some time to themselves. Once the children has gone to bed for the night, many mums enjoy partaking in online hobbies. Here are our top 5 online hobbies for Mums.


How many of you have seen a frazzled mum trying to shop with a crying child in tow? Fortunately mums today can shop from home thanks to the internet. Many sites offer free shipping deals which make shopping from home rather economical.


While a night out on the town would be nice, enjoying a similar experience at home is often more appealing. This is true for casino gambling which many mums enjoy doing in the evening once the children have gone to sleep. Online gaming offer many promotions which mums should take advantage of including free money to gamble or even free spins on the slot machine.

Social Media

Social media sites provide a way for mums to connect with other mums. There are many groups on Facebook that women can join. They may also look for groups that offer other interests. Some mums enjoy touching base with friends and family.


Not only is yoga good for one’s overall health and flexibility but it also is good for the mind. Many mums will pull out their yoga mats in the evenings and follow along with various routines that can be found online. Namaste!


Finding more about one’s past can be an exciting puzzle to unravel. The internet offers many tools to aid in this search. No longer do researchers need to travel thousands of miles to find records. Online resources also make it possible to connect with others whom are researching the same line.

The internet is a mum’s oyster with thousands of hobbies to enjoy online! Which one will you choose?