5 Fun Things to do with Your Curlee (and their siblings) in NYC


Do you live in the Big Apple? Are you planning a trip here this summer? I love New York, I am diehard fan. Whenever I leave for any length of time, I am always happy to be back. The summer is the absolute best season. I love how you can walk out at night and the streets are filled with people eating at sidewalk restaurants, walking their dogs, and even running errands (yes Duane Reade is open 24/7!) I even love the humidity and stickiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get away from the city for long weekends, but after a while I just crave big buildings and pavement. There is an excitement and a vibe to New York that is tangible. So here are my 5 fun places to take your kids this summer in NYC. I have tried them all and we keep going back!

1) Victoria Gardens Amusement Park in Wollman Rink-Central Park. Who doesn’t love an amusement park? The Tea-cups ride, the Barnyard, the Grand Prix … boys and girls alike will have a blast. I prefer to go here later in the day toward evening, as it can be very hot in the sun. They are open until 8pm!

2) Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater. The Princess, The Emperor and The Duck is playing throughout the summer. This is just a fun, quaint, and cool place located in the heart of Central Park. The best part: tickets cost between $8 and $12! Kids ages 3-9 will love this place!

3) Bryant Park. At 12:30pm on August 3 and August 10, you can take your kids to Bryant Park to see snippets of a Broadway Show for FREE. This is perfect for kids who can’t sit through an entire show but want to get the Broadway experience.

4) The BEAST. I love anything that has to do with water and this boat ride was just so much fun! On a hot day you will need to be prepared to get wet as this boat ride shakes and moves and water gets everywhere. We had so much fun we were literally screaming with laughter! Located at Pier 83 at 42nd Street, it is easy to get to. Make sure your kids are wearing water shoes and a bathing suit if you can, or be able to get home quickly as you will definitely get wet!

5) Gulliver’s Gate. We happened to find this by accident on our way to bowling; instead we spend 2 hours here and forgot all about plan A. A world of miniatures that will ignite your child’s imagination, this is should be on everyone’s top must-see list!