EASY Nursery Organization Ideas

Ready for some EASY nursery organization ideas? Having a nursery for your little one is important. It is the first room your child will have and nursery organization is essential. From your child growing in and out of clothes quickly to a space for their favorite things and essentials, we have you covered with the ultimate nursery organization vision board.

When Should You Start Organizing Your Baby’s Room?

The short answer is as soon as possible! Many parents to be may want to wait closer to the due date but the truth is, you never know what the future will bring! Whether you may not be up to the task later in pregnancy, to many of life’s surprises, if you feel good and you have some help, it’s never too early to start planning to organize your baby’s room. If someone is throwing you a baby shower, hold off on purchasing some of the items as some of your loved ones may want to spoil you by buying these items for you.

Choosing Your Colors and/or Theme

As you are searching for the perfect colors and/or theme for your baby room, there will be so much to be inspired from. Remember that sometimes these inspirational photos are not your baby room. When we see these vast, big baby rooms that are more like master bedrooms, we can sometimes think we can let our creative juices flow. From a big bedroom to a small little room, you can be inspired as long as you are willing to tweek ideas to make it work. Consider these for your nursery organization ideas:

-The natural light in the room

-how many electrical outlets you have

-if there is a ceiling light in the room

-the size of the room

With all of these things in mind, you can now start your nursery organization ideas to stay organized while planning the baby room

Nursery Organization

Nursery organization Ideas Top Tips

Staying Organized is Key

It is so surprising how quickly your baby is going to grow. In just two years, you may be converting this whole room from a crib to a toddler bed.

You rotate clothes, toys and baby accessories in and out of your baby room so fast, sometimes it feels like a revolving door! Staying organized is key.

What Do You Actually Need In A Nursery?

  •  crib
  • a lamp if there is no actual light in your nursery room
  • a dresser and/or a changetable
  • lots of storage
  • curtains to block out the sun

Some of Nice Nursery Extras

-diaper genie

-black out curtains

-a piggy bank for future use/decoration

-dividers for dresser

-changing pad



Nursery Organization Dresser

A dresser is going to store clothes, blankets, booties, socks and so much more. You want a sturdy dresser that can be safe when your child starts walking. A dresser needs to have space for your items and fit in perfectly to a big or small room. Be sure to make sure the dresser is safe and that it is secure to the wall. Your little baby will quickly become a little climber!

The Storkcraft Avalalon 6 Dresser Universal Dresser is a perfect dresser for any nursery. This dresser will grow with your child. It has an elegant design and a good price for a dresser that will last your child for years to come.

Budget Nursery Dresser

We love that the top of this dresser can act as a change table for your baby. Store what you need in one of the top drawers and change your babies diaper on the top of the dresser. Don’t forget to use a change pad! This all in one dresser is spacious, saves money and looks great. It is white and can match any of your design plans with ease.


Nursery Dresser Organization

Your nursery dresser may carry a lot of different things. if you have a small nursery room, your dresser may act as a change table and the place you store baby clothes. Having dividers is key to separate the diapers from the onesies. It is visually appealing and it keeps everything nice and organized.

The mDesign Soft Fabric Dresser Drawer and Closet Storage organizers works for your nursery and when your child is older, you can use these dividers for your child’s toys! There are 5 pieces and 15 compartments to make dividing easy.




You can even clean these storage organizers with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. It’s that simple! We love the dividers so we can store extra wash cloths and baby blankets. You can separate the socks and little diaper underwear covers and then find it easy to locate these things when we need them. Our little one grows so fast that when we have to re organize a drawer, we can take most of the things out in seconds thanks to its divider.

Nursery Closet Organization

A closet can be your best friend when you are looking to organize a nursery. If you have a closet, the space can be utilized so you can keep all of your babies things inside.

Small Nursery Organization Hack- Put your nursery dresser in your closet to utilize space. If your dresser fits and you have a very small nursery, a bulky dresser can be utilized in the closet, using the racks above for other items.


Baby Closet Dividers

For those who have more space in their nursery, organizing rack with Baby Closet Dividers can help you keep all of your baby clothes organized. Baby clothes organization can be tough, especially if your child is growing quickly. If you had a baby shower, many gifts come in all at once. Gifts of clothes are not always in the newborn sizes, they vary! These clothes dividers can help you see what size each item is and when it is time to put away smaller clothes in storage or give them away.

Over The Door Hanging Organizer

If your nursery closet has a door, this can be a great nursery organization hack to store extra stuff! Get an over the door hanging organizer. It is cost effective and you can store some smaller items like pacifiers, extra diapers, small toys, teethers and so much more! This is one of our favorite nursery organization ideas.


Nursery Hangers

Parents quickly realize that regular hangers do not fit those adorable little dresses, coats, suits and clothes! You may need to get smaller hangers for your little ones’ adorable clothes. Hangers keep clothes neat, wrinkle free and well organized. On your closet rack, use adorable nursery hangers like Minnebaby. They have a 30 pack of neutral grey baby clothes velvet hangers. They are very thin and promise that they are no slip nursery hangers. They also come with a six piece baby clothing dividers.


Save on Hangers Hack: Use closepins to hang the pants or skirts of an outfit next to the tee shirts on the same hanger! This brilliant hack will cut your hanger space in HALF!

Shelving Units in Nursery Closet

Putting shelving units in your closet is a space saver! Put those adorable toys, gadgets and more away safely stored in a closet. Nestled inside your nursery closet, a shelving unit like ClosetMaid can give you 8 separate spaces to put books, toys and more. It keeps your nursery closest neat, tidy and ready to go.

Nursery No Closet Ideas For Organizing

Some nurseries do not have a closet! To get creative for storage in your nursery, there are beautiful options that keep things neat and tidy. MAGINELS has a children’s wardrobe that has the cutest baby portable closet bedroom armoire. It has a clothes hanging storage rack, complete with a cube organizer. It also has two hanging sections for those adorable outfits.

Anchors For Safety

Why anchor your dresser? Unfortunately, as babies grow, they become little climbers. Even before they are walking, some babies can prop themselves up on furniture to try to climb or steady themselves. Injuries and even death can occur if a dresser falls down. Let’s make sure that our ideal nursery is safe for our precious babies! Syosin has furniture straps in a six pack. Thisis for baby proofing. These are metal child proofing furniture anchors. It will secure 400 pounds of furniture! These furniture prevention straps are great for children (and pets). These safety straps are also earthquake resistant. Keep your beautiful nursery room safe.

Nursery Storage Bins And Where To Put Them

Storage bins are the lifesaver of any nursery! Store those stuffed animals, toys or other products in neat and tidy storage bins. You can put them in storage shelving units, under cribs, on a change table shelf or on floating shelves! The possibilities are endless.

How To Organize A Small Nursery

Here are our top tips on how to organize a small nursery.

-Use floating shelves for space. Those walls are can be decorative and used to store!

-Beautiful baskets to go under the crib that can hold diaper supplies, toys, teethers and more

-If you have a closet, put your dresser in the closet and build up! Use rack organizers for clothes and use clothes pins to pin pants, stockings, dresses, matching shoes, and skirts to the tops so you can use your space efficiently.

If you do not have a closet, get a baby wardrobe or armoir. make sure they have some hanging racks and storage bins at the bottom so you can utilize your space and keep things tidy.

-Use Door hanger storage! It just slips on the top of your nursery door and can offer a lot of storage!

-Use the top of the dresser as a change table. You can store the babies diaper needs in one of the top dresser shelves.

How To Paint A Small Nursery

Think accent walls! Take away the thought of a small space by using a captivating color for your accent wall. Use the wall that the crib is against so it draws the eye to the focal point of the room. Whether you have a theme or just some great color ideas, find that perfect accent wall color and make this room pop!


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